From the Floorboards Up: Taking Care of Your Property

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When you have your own property, you need to keep so much more in mind than merely ensuring the place is clean and presentable. You need to ensure that it is in tip-top shape from the floorboards up too. After all, you’re responsible for any maintenance work and repairs that need to be carried out and nobody else will do it on your behalf. Here are just a few different areas you should monitor and address should any problems arise!


Keeping an Eye on Hidden Areas

Out of sight shouldn’t necessarily mean out of mind when it comes to your property. Sure, you may not be able to see direct damage being carried out to your home in hidden spots, but you should still inspect them regularly in order to ensure that everything is in ship shape. Consider practices such as borescope inspection, in which professionals will be able to carry out inspections of hidden voids in your home. These can help to reveal decay and water penetration, which would otherwise be left unrecognised and unaddressed until significant damage is already done.


Maintaining Electrics

All sorts of problems can develop with the electrical systems in your home. All you need to happen is for a light fixture to become knocked out of place, a plug to become jammed in its socket or a hole in the wall to expose wiring and you suddenly have an extremely dangerous situation on your hands. Many people make the mistake of thinking that as long as they steer well clear of any exposed wires, they should be fine and can bide their time when it comes to repairs. But this isn’t true. Electrical faults can also pose a serious risk of fire, as well as electrocution upon contact. So, regardless of the type of electrical issue in your home, it’s essential that you repair it as quickly as possible to prevent potentially life-threatening incidents. Always call in the help of a qualified electrician as soon as you identify or suspect any sort of electrical problem within your home.


Cleaning Carpets


It’s highly likely that you already carry out basic household chores regularly. This is likely to include vacuuming your carpets. However, every now and then you might want to make use of a professional carpet cleaning machine as well as your standard vacuum. Remember that a vacuum merely picks up dirt and small pieces of debris from your carpet. It doesn’t actively clean it. A professional carpet cleaning machine gives your pile the equivalent of a shampoo and blow dry, leaving it truly clean and smelling fresh.


Clean Windows

Sure, you can clean the windows of your property from the inside easily enough. But reaching high windows from the outside is a little more difficult. Hire a professional window cleaner to carry out this work on your behalf. Your windows will be crystal clear and streak free in next to no time!


These are just a few different ways that you can take care of your property. Make sure to incorporate them into your routine!

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