Do people really care about other peoples Christmases? I’m never sure but I am going to shove a few pictures and words together for posterity anyway.

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My Christmas was a relaxed affair, the 24th was spent baking and cooking (truffles, brownies, pie filling etc!) Then this year my mum and I went to a friends for Christmas day dinner, and Sam joined us after he finished work at about 8, and was hastily give a plate of dinner, which was hoovered up at double quick time, don’t blame him after a ten hour shift!) and watched Dr Who (well, I slept through that)


We walked home to find some kind of Latin street party happening at the end of the road, which was unexpected and very odd. Also the sheer quietness of the roads in central Brighton always amazes me when I go out and about on Christmas day, having no buses or trucks hurtling past our window for a whole day is a gift in itself!


Once we got in we did presents, which at 10pm is probably the latest ever for me  although, I’d opened a couple from friends in the morning, both of which were makeup which was applied there and then, so thanks Tina and Zoe! Anyway we don’t go OTT with presents in my family, but what I did get was lovely, the highlights were two microwavable wheat bags for my aches and pains and 5 individually wrapped kitkat chunky bars from Sam, and a furry blanket and a lovely jewellery box from my ma. Surprisingly I was given NO BOOKS this year, another festive first! IMG_6571

On Boxing day we had our Christmas Dinner at home, which was turkey leek and ham pie, then poor old Sam headed off to work again! The day after that I had to work at short notice which was a shitter, but I am making the guy who cocked up work NYE instead so I have it off. ha, that’ll teach him.

My plans for NYE are low key and involve two friends and my sofa. Sam has the first and second off, so hopefully we can do something nice together once he’s woken up after his inevitable 6am finish!

I hope you all had a lovely time and got to spend time with those who you love and who love you back.

7 thoughts on “HoHoHo!

  1. I love seeing christmasses, I made cupcakes like that last year hehe!! Gutted he had to work xmas day and boxing day, what does he do!? :O xx

  2. I love reading about other peoples Christmases, sounds like you had a nice time even if you were apart from Sam at times! I love low-key New Year’s Eve’s too – can’t be doing with going out! Hope you and Sam have a lovely New Year! xx

  3. Awww sounds like you had a lovely day even with work 🙂 It’s crazy how quiet the streets of Brighton are at Christmas, almost eerie!

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches – an eclectic Personal & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I love seeing Christmasses! I can 100% assure you there will be no relaxing next year once bump arrives 🙂 mine has been chaotic!

    I love your Christmas baking, looks delicious!

    Amy x

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