How Do Hormones Change The Way That You Look?

Our hormones have a huge role to play in our bodies and when they are out of balance, it causes a lot of problems. Most people associate hormone imbalance with mood swings and low mood, but did you know that it can have physical effects too? When your hormone levels fluctuate a lot, it causes some very significant changes in the body, some of which are quite surprising.  Here’s how your hormones can change the way that you look.

Weight Gain 

Certain hormones in the body affect your weight in a big way, so even if you are doing everything right, you may still gain weight. The three main hormones that impact weight are insulin, cortisol, and glucagon. Insulin encourages the body to store fat cells, so if you have high levels of this hormone in your body, you will easily gain a lot of weight. Cortisol itself doesn’t make the body store more fat, but insulin levels usually raise at the same time. Unfortunately, cortisol is the stress hormone, so if you’re feeling stressed out, that can have a big impact on your ability to lose weight and stay healthy.

The good news is glucagon can help you counteract the effects of these other hormones because it is a fat burning hormone – which is why it’s so important to look into all of the Hormone Supplements you can purchase. Glucagon production is increased when you eat lots of protein, while insulin is increased when you eat lots of sugar, so adjusting your diet can help to redress the balance. It’s also important that you find ways to manage your stress levels so you can reduce cortisol too.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing problem that affects both men and women. While there are a lot of reasons for it, it is often down to your hormones. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, attacks the hair follicles, causing your hair to fall out. This usually happens as testosterone is converted to DHT and although it is more common in men because they have higher levels of testosterone, it can affect women too, especially if their estrogen levels decrease. If you are affected by this and you notice thinning or bald spots, you may need to visit a hair transplant clinic for treatment to repair your hair and help it grow back naturally. Once the hormone imbalance has been addressed, the hair should return to normal, in most cases. 

Skin Problems 

There are so many causes of bad skin, but people often overlook hormones when they are trying to find the culprit. But if you want to look great without using makeup to hide things, you should think about how your hormones might impact your skin. Your estrogen levels can cause your skin to produce more sebum, which gives it an oily appearance and leads to more breakouts. Unfortunately, it is not clear exactly how the interplay between estrogen and sebum production works, so it is a case of taking notice of when your skin is more oily and taking steps to combat it. 


Even a small hormone imbalance can make a big difference to the way you look, so it’s important that you know how to combat it.  

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