How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Home

With summer swiftly approaching it’s time to start thinking about something we haven’t really thought of in a while: sunlight. It’s a natural design tool you can use to really make a difference in your home. We can’t all have skylights or ceiling to floor windows, but this doesn’t matter. By following a few nifty tricks you can make your home feel brighter and lighter. We think summer is the ideal time to start making the most of the natural light in your home.


Light Walls

If your walls are painted in dark colours, of course your room is going to feel dark as a result. By opting for lighter shades instead the room feels brighter, and – you might be surprised to learn – it will also look bigger. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go for pure white walls, that’s just asking for trouble, particularly if there are little ones involved. You can go for pastel or pale colours, too. You could keep with your current colour scheme, just lighten it up several shades.


It’s not just the colour of the paint you’ve got to think about, but the finish of it as well. According to a design website, if you’ve got glossy walls this is going to create a glare in your living space. So you should opt for matte surfaces instead as they reflect light in every direction. A new paint colour is one of the easiest ways of completely changing the look and feel of room..



If your home doesn’t have that much natural light to start off with, mirrors are the way forward. They can double the amount of light in a room, as it will reflect off them. You could go for one large mirror or several small ones across the walls. It’s your home and how you want it to look is entirely is up to you. Mirrors make a tasteful, and practical, addition to any design.



It may also be time to rethink some of your soft furnishings if you want to make the most of natural light. If you’ve got dark, heavy, curtains it’s going to be very hard for your home to feel bright. Even if pushed to the side, they’ll still have quite impact the space. Instead you could get shades, they’re lighter in tone and easy to manoeuvre to get as much light as possible flowing into your room.


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