Things my Husband probably wants for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the shops have got halloween treats mixed with Christmas variety boxes on the shelves. I’ve more or less finished shopping for the kids, and though Sam and I aren’t really meant to get each other presents thanks to a pact made years ago and the fact that we have a mortgage to pay (a roof over your head is a pretty decent gift, right?) I will probably end up getting him something, plus his birthday is not long after and I will get him something for that…


husband christmas


I hate giving ‘tat’ as gifts, you know the sort of thing you buy out of desperation rather than need and it’ll end up being regifted or worse, chucked! So I’ve had a little brain storm and decided on a few things that he would like, use and maybe even enjoy! First up he’s always pinching my little tablet/laptop hybrid thing as his tablet is so old and slow. The Samsung Galaxy Book would blow his mind, but also my budget sadly! It does look pretty darn cool though! A techy gift that is much more in my budget is a pair of Sennheiser noise cancelling earphones, a bargain at under £15 Sam is the sort of person who loses earphones frequently, and Arlo is the sort of kid who plays with them till they break and loses the rubber bits off the end of them, never to be seen again. So hopefully a good pair will mean Sam is more inclined to look after them, and keep them out of Arlo’s grasp!


Next up are the ‘nice to get but not essentials’, I reckon you can never go wrong with a keyring (and I love the ‘you’re a tw*t but I love you’ message!) and Sam used to wear a nice bracelet years ago but neither of us can remember what happened to it! I really like the chunky leather braided ones, and the addition of a personalised silver engraved ‘bead’ is a lovely idea. Also I had a look though etsy for nice Brighton prints (as it’s where we met, married and he works – though we live a couple of towns over now!) and this one caught my eye, plus I’d benefit from buying him art as it would be on the wall in the living room probably!


Sam is a pretty tall guy and has always moaned about not being able to find a Onesie that fits him (though admittedly he’s only looked at Primark and Burtons I think!) but I have had a bit of a search on Jacamo which is where Sam orders most of his ‘Big & Tall’ clothes from and found one that I think would fit! However I’m not sure I’m really sold on the idea of a onesie, surely you get cold going to the loo! Anyway, it’s an option and the hoody I found looks pretty snuggly too – plus i’d benefit from that as I’m always pinching his hoodies!


The car there that I’ve included isn’t me offering to buy him a Shelby Mustang (though if I had the money I would!) but actually a driving experience – which is as good as really, without the extortionate fuel and insurance costs! I think Sam would LOVE this, and I am considering it seriously for his 30th next year! Finally the beard bells are of course a bit of a gimmick, but Sam does have a mighty fine beard so I might get them for him to wear to work over the festive period!


What are YOU getting for the men in your life?





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