I am the mum who…

I’ve seen this post a few times on peoples blogs and I love to read them, its always so interested finding out more about a person in their ‘mum’ role. Donna tagged me (you can read her post here) so I thought i’d join in!

I am the mum who…

    • Hates the word ‘mum’. I never called my mum ‘Mum’ in person!
    • Didn’t want kids before I met my husband
    • Am a completely different parent to the one I thought I’d be when I got pregnant the first time
    • Has learnt to pick my battles with a headstrong toddler
    • Chose to have two c sections due to anxiety and stress around giving birth
    • Has no regrets at all about how her babies came into this world, when people ask me if I feel like I ‘missed out’ on birth I get annoyed!
    • Has realised that the early days with baby number two is quite different from the early days with number one! Much less box set watching and a lot more toddler entertaining!
    • Has tanned forearms from sunny buggy pushing walks
    • Has breastfed both babies and is a little sad that I’m not tandem feeding even though I know that would be a very tricky thing to do!
    • Has learnt to wash her hair FIRST in the bath, as someone will inevitably interrupt it before I’m finished!
    • Hates messy play and avoids it when possible… that’s what nursery is for right?
    • Finds cooking for a fussy toddler really annoying. She liked it last week why not this week?
    • Got pregnant the same week I returned to work after my maternity leave.
    • Who misses her stressful job managing a hotel sometimes, at least nobody at work said ‘mummy’ a million times a day to me!
    • Hates to be pigeonholed but the majority of my parenting style is ‘attachment parenting’
    • Is thankful to every god under the sun that Athena is a good sleeper, with two waking up through the night I think I would go crazy.
    • Is happy to co sleep with Arlo, and would have Athena with us too if she ever wanted to
    • Hated weaning, in fact I still hate feeding Athena as she’s so fussy these days and it stresses me out! If I could just give her a pill to get all the vital nutrients into her I would
    • Uses cloth nappies for both babies despite trying it with Athena at 5 months and hating it. I started again at 10 months with her and from birth with Arlo.
    • Has spent rather a lot on pretty cloth nappies! Whoops
    • Has actually sold a few pretty nappies to buy some more wraps for babywearing, another new obsession!
    • Has a really low tolerance to people smoking near my children
    • Sometimes just wishes that I could use Bernards Watch to pause them, and have a nice lie in all on my own!
    • Is the happiest in the world when both my babies fall asleep on me at the same time


I would love for some of my favourite new mamas to join in if they fancy it… Kate (& Sharon too!) at LesBeMums, Laurie at The Blue Rinse and Nicki at On The Changing Mat.



3 thoughts on “I am the mum who…

  1. I love this post. We are really wanting to start a family and I get so anxious about labour, but maybe a section may be the best choice for me too. Glad you know that there is the other option.

  2. I always dream of having Bernards watch! Lol how lovely would it be dealing with kids on a full night sleep! Lovely list!

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