Ideal jobs from home for Mothers

Is teleworking the future of work? The period we are going through will be recorded in history as a milestone. Businesses are adapting to a new way of working, from which valuable knowledge will be produced. New skills, talents and abilities that will emerge will be essential for future employees. Our mission is to realize that nothing is a given, and we must appreciate the small joys, protect our space and time for ourselves and our people, and maintain a balanced life-work model. Technology and teleworking will play an essential role in our lives. 

So mothers looking for work in such a period of change must consider all these signs of the times. Mothers seeking this necessary balance in their personal life and work must acquire the skills and abilities to cope with this new situation and keep you busy. Indeed there are many job opportunities that they’re given to them, but what are those jobs that will meet their actual needs for balance and productivity? Let’s find out.

Writer or Editor

There are thousands of companies that are continually looking for people to create content for their website, blog or any other internet promotion. Companies and brands are looking for people who have writing skills, are creative and have relevant experience in creating content. The search for these jobs for mothers (and pretty much everyone) can be done through freelancer web pages, on ad pages, but also through personal acquaintances.

Customer Service Representative

This position does not require any specialization, so it is accessible to any mother who wants to earn an extra income through her work at home. Your cooperation with a company and its representation by you can be done from the security of your own home, answering questions, providing solutions and assistance to all potential customer problems. This connection and communication with your customers is totally made by phone and with a fixed internet connection. So a mother who enjoys interacting with other people, while at the same time being defined by excellent communication skills, is the ideal candidate for this position.


Α bookkeeper is a significant position in any business. A large part of this process (if not the whole) requires only your own effort and participation; then it becomes clear that this kind of work can operate even within your home boundaries. You will undoubtedly get in touch by phone or online with your clients, but it will primarily just be you and yourself during the whole work. You will record all the financial transactions of the company, as well as update your database and its financial records. If that sounds cool to you, you’re probably the right woman for the job.

Voice Actress

Surely watching the title of voice-over actress, your mind automatically is going to television and cinema mediums. Yes, but actually no. A Voice-over actress does not necessarily need to have taken acting classes or have any previous acting experience. All you need to start this profession from home is the recording equipment, such as a quality microphone and good sound insulation for your room. Also, your articulation must be correct and sound pleasant to the ears of your listeners and customers. So if you think you can use your oral skills to your advantage, then Voquent is here for you. Visiting the company’s site, you will discover the numerous ways in which you can become an employee, simply and quickly, earning a reasonably competitive salary.

Freelance Interior Designer

Closing with the position of the interior designer, we would say that this particular role is addressed to all those who have a strong sense of creativity within them. As an interior designer, you have to have a sense of style as well as the desire to offer your quality services. You can accept mail photos of your customers’ spaces, and you then plan all those moves that will need to be made to transform the space into something better. This role requires effort, organization and definitely communication skills. Such work is based on the trust you build with your customers and your ability to acquire new ones. A great way to promote your business is to create a web site that would serve as your portfolio, showcasing your best work.

Especially for mums, the fact that many companies decided to work remotely in the first place could be a good idea. Because in this way, we can continue to do (or find) our job without having to worry about who will take care of the children.


On the other hand, of course, it is a real challenge to be able to work when our children are in the same place at the same time – especially if they are young and cannot understand that mom is at home but is not precisely available! But let us be optimistic and let us try to achieve it with the most significant possible benefit and the lowest possible (mental) cost.

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