What I’ll miss about my commute to work…

So today is my last day at work, I went back after my last maternity leave in July and got pregnant the same week, so I’ve only clocked up 8 months… But I’ve been quite enjoying my 25 minute train commute to and from work, and will actually miss it when I don’t have to do it any more (even though walking up and down the steps at the station leaves me out of breath these days!)

Here’s what I’ll miss:

  • Getting the chance to read a book for 25 minutes completely uninterrupted by little hands trying to help me turn the pages (or rip them out)
  • The older gent, who after almost 8 months of getting the same train, then changing onto the next train together has finally stepped up from a nod of recognition each morning to a smile!
  • The guy who is in his late 50’s who scoots off the train on a micro scooter and shoots down the road from the station… at Christmas he had tinsel tied round his neck and his handlebars!
  • The inward groans and shared looks of annoyance from anyone on their way to work when a huge coach load of exchange students flood onto the platform to wait for a train… everyone shuffles surreptitiously down the platform to the opposite end to avoid being in the same carriage as them (me included)
  • The woman who is always waiting on the opposite platform as me for her morning train who I have never, ever seen in a coat! Not even during the snow!
  • The nice people who see I am an ‘expectant mother’ and offer me their priority seat… and these people are often teenage boys, whereas the big important business men refuse to make eye contact
  • The smell of the bratwusrt van outside the station… perhaps today day I’ll give in and buy one to celebrate my last commute!

If you commute, what’s your favourite part? Or least favourite? I am glad my commute isn’t any longer if I’m honest though!

3 thoughts on “What I’ll miss about my commute to work…

  1. Nice to hear something positive about teenage boys for a change. As a mum of 2 of them they can be awesome and not just a menace.
    Enjoy your maternity leave. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love people watching so I enjoyed this list! 25 minutes to read a book sounds like heaven right about now! How on earth can you not wear a coat??

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