In which I am busy and too hot

This week we spent our first night in the new house, Thursday night. We then went back to the old house and cleaned it on friday, and on Saturday I went out out, as in out for an evening without Athena for the first time…

During the week we ate out lots due to packing up the kitchen first/it being much easier! IMG_0067IMG_0128IMG_0240IMG_9944IMG_0176

Lots of firsts for the baby this week: the beach, a bath with mama (she fell asleep), a train journey, a trip round tesco in the shopping trolley seat, sleeping in a big cot and spending a night in with daddy on their own!

sunset on the train / new flat
Bye bye old bedroom and old kitchen!
sleeping in the big cot & on the big bean bag (both purple!)
Gratuitous baby photos! (asleep in the bath and the end of a smile, I keep missing them with the camera!)
First shopping trolley experience, Liz Smith the actress at the beach, and my friends puppy!
Tomorrow we are headed to Norfolk for a few days to see Sam’s family, with a night at my friend Laura’s house on the way. Not looking forward to immense hours in the car with a baby in this heat, but we’ll cope and have lots of rest breaks to cool down (and feed!)
When we get back and Sam is back to work I plan to get back into blogging properly and am setting myself a 3 post a week target, and I want to get back into beauty blogging more (But I might merge the mummy blog and this one, as keeping two going is stressing me out, daftly though I managed to post my breastfeeding experience today) so wish me luck! I did manage to get a ‘what’s in my bag’ post up this week though!

9 thoughts on “In which I am busy and too hot

  1. It looks like you had an amazing week of food! Yum!

    Athena is such a cutie!

    Thank you so much for linking up – hope to see you again next week 🙂
    Hannah xx

  2. Oooh new flat! 😀 Glad the move has gone well, and check out Athena with all her firsts, aww! She looks so tiny and adorable on that beanbag, think I’m dying of cuteness! x

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