In which I am fed up with rain!

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Dress: F21. Belt: Primark. Cardi: who knows?


I wore this to work last week. It cheered me up slightly in the pouring, incessant rain we’ve been having down here! Saying that the sun is vaguely trying to peep out of the cloud as I type this, but more rain is forecast for the rest of this week so yay. sarcasm. Clearly I wore both shoes and tights to work, I just ripped the bloody things off as soon as I got through the door, because THEY JUST DONT FIT ME. No pair of tights fits me perfectly, they either get wrinkly at the knees, or the crotch begins to creep down towards my knees away from where it should be, which is hugging my ladybits and staying firmly where it should be!

Where do you buy your tights? I’m talking about black and skin toned tights…. help a girl out! I’ve tried different sizes, different brands. my legs hate tights.

Anyway, I am heading to Coventry for a work conference this Wednesday, it is ‘beach themed’ there is NO way I am even going to manage flip flops let alone shorts if it’s raining! So yeah, I hate going to these things because you have to be careful what you say when under the influence of drink to ‘bosses/ the creepy crawlers who slime up the corporate ladder by saying/doing whatever it takes. I would prefer to be in bed early to get enough sleep to get through the conference the next day, then the 4 hour drive home (I am ferrying a full people carrier full of people there and back). I have been informed by evil cluster manager that I am expected to drink and stay out, well NEWS FOR YOU MISTER, no effing way. Also I want to watch the apprentice. /end rant

I’m not yet ready to make a decision over the agonising dress conundrum (See this post) but will keep you posted, and lots of thanks to those who commented too!

I’ll leave you with this:


Its 2 or three years old, I found it on the memory card of a friend who has lent me his ‘proper’ camera (an olympus E520) So I am currently trying to learn how to use that! Amazingly it was also taken on may bank holiday…

26 thoughts on “In which I am fed up with rain!

  1. I love your dress – I’m loving polka dots right now 🙂
    I get my tights from Primark – I know its cliched but their thick blck tights are nice and thick and long and take some ripping lol

    1. Its pretty right?! See thats where I get them from, the black ones you mean, the thickish ones, and they are PERFECT. the moment I buy a lighter denier it all goes down hill!

  2. Themed conference?! That sounds mad! I’ve been to a fair few conferences for my job, but luckily they’re pretty fun as it’s all people who do the same job as me in Students Unions, so we just get drunk a lot…! I get my tights from Primark like Jenni, I’ve had some horrendous ones in the past, which just fall down and are really awkward! x

    1. It is a bit odd, there was sand and a volleyball court and everything! tights are the bane of my life I tell you!!

  3. Love the dress, I’m a bit of a polka dot fiend! And that conference sounds horrific! They’re bad at the best of times – let alone a themed one. I get my tights from Tesco – think they’re 3 for £5 or something and they’re the only ones that aren’t too long in the legs for me. xx

    1. it wasnt so bad in the end, just such a long day! I got some ‘ladder free’ tescos tights the other day actually! Theyre a bit too light tho so they make me look even more milk bottley!!!! no ladders or falling down tho!

  4. The beach themed conference sounds a bit different! I’m the same with tights, I can never seem to find a good fitting pair lately! Tempted to try Primark as a lot of people say they’re good. The last lot I got were from BHS and no complaints so far!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

    1. Primark are the main culprit, along with peacocks! I need to spend more I reckon! serves me right for being a cheapskate!

  5. I buy my tights from Primark and they’re pretty good, I hate to tell you but I live in Coventry for uni and the weather is crap here at the moment! xx

    1. Hello fellow Lauren!! ha, you’re right it was a bit dreary and wet! driving home was a bit crap too! 🙁

  6. Argh I hate work things! I feel your pain! I always have problems with tights, although the other day I bought some from Next and they are pretty good as tights go! Xx

  7. Pretty dress ladypants – I also have the crotch creeping down to my knees issue with tights and I have found no solution except unceremoniously yanking them up every half hour or so :/ xxxx

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