Here is a completely pointless post about food.
I love food. I’ve worked as a chef and a Kitchen manager before, but when I worked in kitchens I hated cooking outside work. Now it’s something I like to do, as long as there is someone else to eat the food with me. HATE cooking for one, but due to odd working patterns it’s not more than a couple of nights a week that there is a combination of more than 2 of us out of the boy, the housemate and I. I like having people over for dinner too, and one day will live in a house with room for a dining table (well, I have room but prefer to have two sofas and an armchair instead of a table, but at least there’s always places to sit when I have people over.  (right Ben? I know you’ll read this at some point!)

Soup & bread // Chorizo and roast veg with cheese and bacon patty thingys
Pizza express // clearing out the cupboard (sauteed potatoes, sweetcorn & noodles)

Poached eggs on marmite toast (fav breakfast!) // Chicken, brie & cranberry sauce burger @ GBK

Avocado with Worcester sauce (amazing) // Curried sausage from the German market in town
Magners & onion soup // Texan chicken calzone (both Franky & Bennys)
Chicken shouga yaki don & edemame beans // steak & chips!
Pancakes & Bacon with syrup // Krispy Kreme Christmas donuts!
Cheesecake brownie & ice cream // Fruit Salad
Biltong (apologies to any vegetarians!)

And lastly my lovely south African friend bought me back a whole load of Biltong when she came back from her trip. Now I never thought I’d like biltong at all, but once i tried it I was hooked! I bought a load back from my trip to South Africa (anyone interested in the pictures? its a beautiful place!) and its so difficult to get hold of good quality biltong over here! Its basically cured meat, this is beef but when I was over there I tried Ostrich and springbok too! It comes in a block, or pre sliced, but is fresher if its freeze dried pre slicing, which is what’s on the left!
I used to be Vegetarian when I was younger, as both my parents were vegetarian when I was born (they ate fish but I HATE it, which is weird…) and they still are vegetarians now, but I’ve eaten meat since about 16ish, as neither of them forced it upon me, just didn’t cook it for me (and still don’t)
However come Christmas day I’ll hopefully be doing a lovely Duck roulade, and the mothership has decided that she’d quite like some of that, but will mainly focus on the veggies!
What is your Christmas day dinner of choice? Anyone else incapable of eating something that looks anywhere near appetising without taking a picture of it first?

4 thoughts on “In which I get foody

  1. I’m slightly obsessed with taking pictures of food now, haha! This post has made me really hungry!
    It’s turkey all the way on the big day for us.

  2. Avocado with worcester sauce! I’ll have to try that one! Sounds interestingly amazing! I usually drench them in balsamic vinegar! I also feel you on the inability to have any food without taking a photo of it, my phone is literally just full of pictures of my dinners. I don’t know if i’m proud or embarrassed!! X

  3. I’d already been here and left a comment! Haha! What does that say about me! I’m so hungry now! I could eat the lot! Poached eggs and marmite on toast…. I’m intrigued… I might try this for breakfast and report back!!

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