In which I get a hint of pink

Shorts: ancient. Jumper: peacocks. Scarf: Primark. Turtle Belt: Dorothy Perkins


I hardly ever wear pink, but actually I think it suits me! What doesn’t suit me is the dark bags under my eyes, I think I need to start wearing concealer! I’m blaming wedding stress and friend stress and general stress. Plus I have some kind of bug that manifests itself in a fever, extreme tiredness and headaches. its really good fun, honest! I felt crap on Sunday, so didn’t go to the Swish even that I was going to, which I was looking forward to as I managed to get 5 dresses to take!! Bummer.

On the plus side this week Sam made it back from his stag weekend in Bournemouth with his eyebrows intact, and had a great time! He told me all about their antics, and said that some of the guys who went were surprised that he said he was going to show me the pictures and tell me all about their drunken antics (think strippers…!) but a) I am not a jealous person at all, I know he loves me so why get myself working up about stuff like this and b) I would happily go to a strip club with him/anyone, I reckon it would be completely cringey and awkward. Apparently a lot of the guys were like “my gf would KILL me if she knew what I got up to!” but if you ask me a relationship should be based upon trust!

Anyway, i’ll stop spouting relationship advice and tell you that I am also incredibly happy that we have booked (finally, we had to wait for my new passport to arrive!)  our Honeymoon! we’ve only got a week after the wedding due to work commitments but we booked a 5* luxury break in Egypt, so we can just eat, relax and drink (Well, Sam will be drinking!) in complete peace! Normally I wouldn’t go on a holiday like that for more than a long weekend, because I love to do day trips and explore the country I am visiting, but I have been to Luxor before and visit the tombs etc, so this is a pure ‘ohmygodwejustgotmarried’ week of doing ZILCH. Although the hotel has a waterpark, 23 pools, free sauna/jazuzzi and about a million restaurants, so I will be rolled back onto the plane most likely!

I need to desperately tone up a bit (a lot!) now, I am hoping that the fact that we’ve actually booked it now will act as a kick up the ass for me to get running again, and my friend Tina has given me a mini work out routine to focus on my core muscles without breaking my back! I just need to get into the habit of doing it now! I am going swimming tomorrow too, and there is a LivingSocial deal for 4 swims for £7 for my local pool that I’m going to buy!

I’ve rattled on for ages, & Sam has just got in from work, so I’m going to stop! Anyone got any magical cures to tone up your belly/arms/legs without any effort?

4 thoughts on “In which I get a hint of pink

  1. You look lovely – you may be tired, but you look happy!

    Your honeymoon sounds amazing! I got married on Christmas Eve so a honeymoon was out of the question, so I’m VERY jealous!

  2. you really suit pink. The hotel sounds so so amazing I love water parks so much! On the stripper subject i’m the same Tom can go to a strip club all he likes becasue I trust him :] but if he lied once I would chop his balls off. :] xx

  3. If you ever find out hoe to tone up without effort let me know. I’ve been busting my ass for weeks now (paying off) but lots of sweat and pain is part and parcel it seems.
    Your honeymoon sounds idyllic. Room for a third? Maybe not.
    LOVING you in a snuggly pink jumper. Take care of yourself x

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