Interiors: Five ways to use stained glass in your home

Stained glass is something that can work in any home. Whether you have a period property or a modern home, there are all kinds of stained glass deigns that can work very well for a stunning effect. We have an ancient old stained glass window in our living room, which was one of the things I loved right from the first viewing! From beautiful tiffany lamps adding a little colour to your living room to frosted bathroom windows, stained glass is increasingly sought after and by carefully choosing the design and the colours of your stained glass it is easy to select something that will look elegant and tasteful. So here are five ways that you can easily bring stained glass into your home.

  1. Front door and internal doors

One great way to add a stunning stained glass look to your home is to buy doors with stained glass panels. This can make an excellent choice for a front door, providing the façade of your home with a stunning appeal. It’s easy to find Victorian and Edwardian-style doors with pretty glazed sections that can function as very sturdy front doors.

Of course you could also choose interiors doors with stained glass to add stylish and elegant through the house. Interior stained glass doors are most effective with plenty of natural light shine through them, so it’s worth putting choosing them for doorways near windows for the best aesthetics. Typically, interior doors work best with simple patterns where as a front door can be more elaborate.

  1. Tiffany lamps

If you are just looking for smaller flourishes of stained glass to add colour and class to the interior of your property, it could be worth buying tiffany lamps. Once purely a brand name, ‘tiffany lamp’ is now a general term for any lamp with a tiffany-style shade. This means that you don’t have to buy an expensive ‘real’ tiffany lamp to get a stunning piece for your home. Take a look at this ‘Ultimate Tiffany Lamp Buying Guide’, supplied by Universal Lighting for information on their history, manufacture, types and how to keep them looking their best.

There are a wide variety of tiffany lamp styles available from handsome nature-inspired patterns to art nouveau designs, so no matter what kind of aesthetic you are going for, you can find the perfect lamp for your home. One of the great advantages of tiffany lamps is that when they are turned on, they add wonderful colour to a room without looking gaudy or ostentatious. A tiffany lamp can look good anywhere, but they need to work best in rooms with a more neutral colour scheme.

  1. Kitchen backsplash

Something that has been growing in popularity has been the stained glass backsplash which can add a lovely feature piece to your kitchen. If you are looking for a way to enliven your kitchen without spending a lot of money, a stained glass backsplash can be an ideal way to do it. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, a glass backsplash stands out and can make a lovely

alternative to a tiled wall behind your stove.

  1. Bathroom windows

One of the challenges with any bathroom window is to let in light but ensuring that the window remains opaque from the outside. Utilising stained glass is a great way to do this while also getting the benefits of stunning coloured light flooding into the room. This looks especially beautiful in a bathroom that is currently decorated in white.

These can usually be easily installed in place of your current windows and work just as well as translucent frosted glass as a way to ensure privacy.

  1. Skylight

If your home has a skylight anywhere on the property this can be a wonderful place to have stained glass added. Once again, one of the benefits here is having natural lighting coming in through the skylight bathing the room below with the delicate colours of the stained glass above. This is somewhere that you can have a pattern as intricate and complex as you like.

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