Interiors: Kid’s Room Lighting Options

kids bedroom lighting


Tips for Choosing Children’s Lighting

  • Make safety a priority. Cover up cables, make sure that lights are attached to the wall safely and light switches are working properly and in good condition. Make sure there are no cords near kids beds either.
  • Opt for dimmable lights – they can act as a night light if needed without you having to buy one.
  • Have fun – although your lighting should grow with the room, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! There are plenty of temporary fixtures like fairy lights and bedside lamps that are bright and colourful, and easily removed when your child grows out of them.
  • Invest in LED lighting for highly customisable, safe and affordable lighting. LED bulbs have a higher lifespan, so they’ll hardly ever need to be replaced.

As my kids share a room we’ve held off on choosing a theme until they’re a little older and can agree on something together; hopefully helping to pick what they want in it too! All their furniture is plain white, mostly from the Ikea Stuva range which is really adaptable and they also have bunk beds with built in shelves for extra storage of the all important cuddly toys and bedtime books!

Personally I think the main things that bring a room theme together are the soft furnishings and the lights. Pictures on a wall can be easily changes but things like curtains and lights tend to cost a bit more so it’s important to get them right from the start! I’ve put together my favourite ceiling light ideas from for the kids room above, I think the multi colour twisty lights would work well in their currently plain room as we could use those colours as accents elsewhere. I think the cloud shaped lights would be a bigger hit with my kids though!

What sort of lighting do you have in your kid’s room?

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