Interiors: Our Ideal Bathroom

The bathroom in our house is also called ‘the room of doom’ and we’re putting off doing anything to it just yet because a) it is the only bathroom and I’d rather we were away whilst it’s being done to minimise disruption and b) it will be really expensive. For some reason the bathroom is as big as our living room give or take a foot, and is tiled from floor to ceiling in 70’s style tiles. Also the walls behind the tiles are in a pretty poor condition from all the damp and a random chimney breast which lets water in in bad weather. The first thing we’d need to put in is a decent extractor fan!

My ideal bathroom would be light in colour, and instead of the huge tiles we have now I’d love tiny mosaic tiles to surround the sink and as a border for the room, maybe a combination of dusky pink and grey. Larger metro style tiles in a neutral colour, maybe a light grey for the lower half of the walls and then the rest of the walls can be painted, rather than the tile overload we are used to now.

Our current bathroom suite is a funny peach colour, one that I have never seen before but was probably all the rage at the same time as the avocado coloured ones were ‘in’. It’s truly hideous, and I would much prefer a modern white suite, with a deep basin and a fitted cupboard beneath it. If we changed our current normal length bath for a corner one we could fit a walk-in shower too, which would make Sam’s day, as hes not a fan of baths at all. Our current ‘over the bath’ shower does the job but a power shower would be bliss! I much prefer baths but a corner bath would be perfect for me as I’m pretty short, maybe even something with Jacuzzi jets for a proper luxury bubble bath experience!

We have a tall cupboard already in the bathroom which is perfect for towels and spare toiletries, but I’d love a wall mounted heated towel warmer which might encourage everyone to hang their towels up rather than leaving them in damp puddles on the floor, and would help to heat one end of the long bathroom, with tall designer radiator featuring at the other end for warmth during the winter in our ancient and draughty house!

Oh, and if we were going to go all out then a TV hidden in the wall would be great, so no more balancing my tablet on the laundry basket to watch shows in the bath! So, tell me about your ideal bathroom… and check out my bathroom inspiration pinterest board for some more of my favourite bath-related images.

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