Introducing Maia – From Babies with Love


Last week I wrote a post introducing From Babies With Love, and said I’d be sharing more about our ‘partnered baby’ Maia who lives in Mozambique and has been helped by SOS.


Baby Maia joined her SOS family in October 2014, when she was only a few weeks old. Her SOS Mother reports that she likes to sleep in the day… but not so much at night! She also reports that Maia has learned to express herself through funny bubbles that only her SOS Mother can interpret. Her SOS Children’s Village is in Tete, located on the Zambezi River. Over 70% of births in the region are not registered; without identification entering education is difficult, and almost 50% of children between 5 and 17 don’t attend school. Sadly Maia’s mother died; but now she’s with her SOS family, her new brothers and sisters who love carrying her around, she has a safe and happy childhood ahead of her.

Her sleeping pattern sounds a little like Arlo’s, and I’m so glad she has new brothers and sisters to play with and keep her company. I hope to be able to bring you another update on how Maia is getting on soon.

About SOS Children’s Villages

Together with our supporters, we have been helping the world’s most vulnerable children and families for over 65 years.

  • We prevent children from ending up alone by supporting fragile families to stay together.
  • When a child is orphaned or abandoned, we provide them with a permanent family home in an SOS Children’s Village.
  • We provide quality education and healthcare in these communities.

Read more about Cecilia’s (the founder of FBWL) visit to a Brazilian SOS Children’s Village here. 100% of the profits that From Babies With Love makes goes towards helping children all over the world, so please take a look at the website! The clothes are made from sustainable organic cotton too, and came in at #2 of the Telegraphs most ethical businesses this year!R20A0435

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  1. Oh bless! Such a shame she lost her Mother at such a young age but so lovely to know she will have a safe and happy home and live now with her new family.
    The clothes website looks amazing. Such lovely clothes x

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