Jewellery with Meaning from Muru London.

Items featured were gifted in exchange for a review.  

When I was little one of my favourite activities was going through my Mum’s jewellery boxes. There was something so exciting about seeing what was hiding inside and hearing the story behind each piece. I loved trying things on, touching the shapes and gems, and then carefully replacing each ring or necklace back in their rightful place. Even now I am in my 30’s I still covet some of my mums jewellery!

I especially love jewellery that has a meaning to it and if that’s your cup of tea too then you need to check out Muru jewellery, an online store that has so many designs that all have a meaning behind them. I picked three pieces and am really over the moon with them.

Here they are, along with their little cards sharing the meaning of each item. Each piece arrived in a gorgeous gift box, with a plush purple backing and slide out tray, with ribbon to finish it off. I always think new jewellery should be an experience from opening the box to putting it on, and you definitely get that with Muru!

The first thing I chose was a dainty padlock with my initial on it, and you can wear it with the initial facing out or so it faces inwards. The padlock symbolises strength and would make a really thoughtful gift to someone who is going through something tough, or who has been there to support you through something. The initial engraving is free too! I chose to beaded chain in a shorter length so that I can wear this layered with other silver necklaces too.

I loved the look of these dainty hoops with silver charms, called ‘Sun Hoops’. They were designed to “celebrate the inspiring  women who bring sunshine into our lives and who brighten up our days with their warm personality and their positivity energy.”  They do just that, the hammered surface and edge of the hoops gathers and reflects the light just perfectly and I’ve had compliments when I wear them too. They’re simple enough to be worn along side smaller studs and other jewellery but special enough to be worn on their own too.

Finally I couldn’t not choose the ‘Athena Greek coin necklace’ being that I have a daughter named Athena. She is named after the Greek goodness known for female empowerment. Athena was wise, courageous and inspirational making her one of the most influential goddesses. So this pendant can serve as a reminder of Athena’s wisdom and empowerment, plus for me it’s a lovely memento of my own little Athena.  I got this on an 18 inch chain so that I can layer it with the padlock necklace, though the chain is extendable from 16-18″ so I can always wear it shorter too.

Of course my Athena has her eye on the Athena necklace already, but she’s out of luck so far as I’m wearing it daily! Perhaps in the future I will get her one of her own.

I’m really glad I’ve discovered Muru’s collection, I love the brand ethos and the meaningful thoughts behind each piece. At the moment they have a silver feather necklace with a percentage of sales being donated to MIND charity – which is a great way to support a charity that has helped so many people, especially over this last tough year.

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