What the Kids read in June & win kids books!


We’ve had a few new books this month as Athena got quite a few for her birthday and we also received some for her to review too. I’ll be doing another kids book post next week too with some more bedtime orientated books but this post is mostly about learning books but there is a lovely story book included and I have three copies of that one to giveaway, so read on! pun intended…

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The Alphabet with Bella (Lorraine O’Garro) is a sweet little book to help teach little people the alphabet. Bella helps to learn the ABC’s by travelling around the world. Lots of bright colours and different things to represent each letter, definitely different from ‘apple, boat, cat’ etc that you tend to find in most kids alphabet things! The idea behind the book (which is the first of a series) is to help introduce the reader to new cultures and get them to ask questions as they learn new things. Its become one of the books I like to take with me on days out so that we can read it as we wait for our food in restaurants, or when I am feeding Arlo to keep Athena occupied. She really loves it and since we started reading it a couple of weeks ago she’s become really interested in what signs say when we’re out, asking me what the letters are spelling!

Miles of Smiles –¬†By Karen Kaufman Orloff, illustrated by Luciano Lozano

This is a really awesome book about the power of a smile, and how it starts with one person and travels through a whole host of different people! Now whenever Athena doesnt want to smile I remind her how far it could go! The illustrations are really sweet and there is so much to point out and look for on each page. It’s a lovely book for children of all ages, and I have three copies to give away too!


Clothes & Food –¬†Sterling Children’s Books

The ‘Say and play’ books are board books aimed at children from a year old upwards and are full of clear photos with words beneath them, so you can start by reading the word and pointing to the picture, and then as your child develops get them to start repeating and then saying the words on their own as the start to recognise the pictures! The food book is possibly the most middle-class kids board book as it has ‘Quinoa’ and ‘Avocado’ in it as well as some of the more usual culprits! I did have a chuckle to myself when we first used it, as did the guy sat behind us in the cafe! Maybe the author really loves their superfoods! The Clothes book doesn’t have any odd suprises in it though which is a relief! Athena likes to get involved with these as she likes to show me she can do anything I ask Arlo to do, but she is now sometimes picking the book up of her own accord and reading it with him which is really great!




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