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I know I should apologise for not updating my blog with proper ‘interesting’ (is it ever?) content, so I am not going to. However I will say that I feel like I have let myself down with not keeping it up, but with good reason I think. Work has been super stressful recently, lots of people off ill (broken arms, appendixes being removed etc) and others on holiday and still being busy and various other factors mean that I am exhausted when I get in from work, even more tired than I usually am (which is fairly tired) and I’ve also been having mega headaches which is a bit of a shitter, as I still have a fair bit of wedding stuff to sort out! (see to do list below!) The wedding is in just under 6 weeks now, and I am starting to panic slightly, plus I have put on weight, annoyingly. My dress has a bit of give in it so hopefully I wont feel like too much of a heifer coming down the aisle, but we shall see! (& so will you, as I will of course share some pictures of the day!)

So all this mixed together with the nights drawing in (what a weird expression) mean that I am not seeing much daylight, not going out very much and generally feeling a bit ‘meh’. I am attempting to not nap and to try and get a proper nights sleep, but it isn’t always easy where I live. For example a couple of nights agi some dozy cab driver burst TWO tyres when he mounted a curb, then proceeded to stop outside my house (our bedroom is at the front) and attempt to change his tyres, loudly, with added Greek sounding music and hazard warning lights. THEN another 2 taxi-friends decided to stop and help him, so the cacophony of their voices/music/blinking (out of sync) hazard lights left short of at least 45 minutes of sleep. THEN an hour after that Sam got in from work, and much as he never tries to wake me up on purpose, its rare that I will sleep through him getting into bed.

I think I’ve gone off on a tangent… anyway what I am trying to say is I am attempting to pull myself together, but perhaps don’t expect anything meaty from me until after I get back from my honeymoon, then i’m sure I will be a a post wedding/honeymoon lull and hopefully will want a hobby to fling myself into, and blogging it shall be (unless I take up jigsaw puzzles, which I wont)

I might as well fling in a little wedding update whilst I am in the mood for typing:

Left to do:

  • put the birds on strings (will make sense when you see the pictures, I hope!)
  • decide on table decor, I am thinking pine cones what with it being winter and all that. only spray painted different colours.
  • work out transport from the hotel I am getting ready in to the church, and also for us and Laura (our photographer) for our private snaps somewhere
  • work out how all the stuff is going to get to our house the day after the wedding, from the church (guest book, decor, leftover cakes etc (altho these I will try and ensure get sent to my work so they can be gorged upon) I think i’ll have to rope some friends in!
  • Write a list of what to take with me to the hotel before the wedding
  • Work out timings of the day (and the days before!) so everyone knows where they have to be
  • gifts for the mums (ideas please?!)
  • write my speech
  • Meet with our vicar to decide on vow wording etc
  • collect our Banns certificate from our (nasty) parish church
  • pay for it all!!!
  • make my veil (birdcage style)
  • find nice earrings to wear (need something borrowed so this could fill that gap!)

My Old: I will be wearing 2 rings on my right hand, one from each grandmother. My Jacket is also vintage (1960’s I think)

My New: The dress!

My Borrowed:

My Blue: the soles of my Irregular Choice shoes are blue!


Anyway, whats been going on with all of YOU!? any ideas for table decor for long tables?!

6 thoughts on “Life recently

  1. Sorry to hear your feeling a little meh at the moment lady. If it makes you feel any better, you are being mahooosively organised compared to my sister’s wedding! We forgot pretty much everything, including the bridal bouquet until the day before the wedding 🙂 You will just adore your day I know. And if that fails, watch don’t tell the bride to remind yourself that all will be well!

  2. How you’re getting through day to day shizz as well as wedding prep is beyond me! Make sure you take enough time for ‘you’ each week. Learning to say no at work is tough but you need to save some sanity to get you through the next few weeks. I’m so looking forward to your wedding on your behalf! x

  3. An Idea I had for the mums was a bit of a two parter. Find some really nice silver frames and get a nice message engraved on them. Those will be the presents.. but in them put a note about a photo that will be in them – A lovely photo of each of you with your mums from your wedding day. A reminder of the day and then a nice present too! 😉


  4. Sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit rubbishy 🙁 Sometimes taking some time off from blogging helps – I sort of did that recently, never feel like you HAVE to blog! At least you get to have lovely wedding times soon – and I love that you’ll be wearing Irregular Choice shoes! x

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