A while ago Becky at Little O and me tagged me in the ‘love/hate’ challenge, and I meant to do it at sooner but life got in the way! Here is Becky’s post if you fancy a read

Ten things I love…

  • Mint choc chip flavour ice cream. I’m waiting patiently for Ben not Jerry’s to bring back Minter Wonderland!!
  • Our wedding photo album, I don’t look at it enough. It has our readings in and our order of service, as well as the photos and the little cards our guests filled out with advice and funny things written on them!
  • Reading books (well, my kindle app on my tablet as I can read it in the dark during night feeds)
  • Visiting stately homes and castles. I was born in the wrong century.
  • Getting into a bed with freshly laundered sheets. Bliss! Even better if I didn’t change them myself
  • Seafront walks, you can’t get bored of the sea!
  • When someone else makes the first cuppa of the day. It is a rarity.
  • Spreadsheets (I know, weird)
  • Not having to wear socks. I prefer to be barefoot or in flip flops wherever possible!
  • My ring collection, I have one from each of my grans and one that was Sam’s grans too, my mum gave me a new ring after each baby was born and then my wedding and engagement rings of course!
Ten things I hate…
  • Leaving washing in the machine too long and either having the musty smell or having to wash it again, I’m not sure which is the lesser of two evils
  • Stubbing my toes, I always swear
  • When Arlo wakes up five minutes after I get into the bath
  • People who walk in the middle of the pavement so you can’t get past
  • Bad grammar and spelling on signs/anything professional (this includes blogs! the odd mistake is bound to happen but GAH when it happens all the time it really riles me!)
  • People on Instagram whose photos are so blurry it looks like their cat took them
  • Headaches, I’ve been getting loads of them recently and nurofen is my friend.
  • People who don’t pick up dog crap on the streets, a buggy with a crappy wheel is shitty (literally) There is no dog poo fairy and if you don’t want to pick up after a dig you shouldn’t have one!
  • Not having enough time to read all the books I want to, it overwhelms me that even if I was paid to read as my job I’d still not read everything that interests me!
  • Having to pay bills. Enough said.


4 thoughts on “Love & Hate

  1. What a great idea. Thanks for tagging me. I’m trying to refine my choices to just ten! 😉

    How do children always know when you don’t want them to wake up? And bad spelling and grammar is one of my pet hates too!


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