Me & Mine – November 2017

Our family photos were taken a couple of weeks ago after a very muddy walk around Swanbourne Lake in Arundel. As you can see there were more than a few muddy knees but we all had fun! This month has shot past, and the countdown to Christmas is really on I guess! This month I have been to London three times, twice for blogging/vlogging conferences and once with the whole family for Winter Wonderland. We also had a lovely day out last weekend at Marwell for their Christmas at Marwell experience, which we all loved! It’s definitely safe to say that we’re starting to feel a bit festive!
I’ve had tonsillitis for the past few days, I felt like death warmed up on Sunday and Monday but managed to get a doctors appointment on Monday night and got some antibiotics, though I was sick after the first few doses, but that seems to have stopped now! I’m still getting hot and cold flushes but thankfully seem to be getting better, though I can only manage soft and mushy things but that includes ice-cream so I’m not too annoyed! On the plus side my eyes have cleared up a lot and i’m no longer in constant pain with them, which is weird as I assumed they’d get worse with a lowered immune system!
Arlo has also had a bit of a cold and it’s meant he’s been a right little bugger at bedtimes and often during the night too, so hoping he gets that out of his system before Christmas! Athena has stayed healthy, is still loving school and is very excited about her school nativity play in a week! I wrote about a few weird and wonderful things she’s said recently here.
December will be a busy one for us as Sam will be working a lot and i’ll be trying to get all my work sorted before we go to Norfolk just after Christmas, plus getting a tree, decorating, preparing a Christmas Dinner and wrapping all the presents! Have fun with the festivities everyone!
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5 thoughts on “Me & Mine – November 2017

  1. I don’t envy you for getting tonsilitis. The worst is when the kids are getting sick at the same time. We only had colds so far and a bit of HFM.

  2. I am sorry to hear you haven’t been well and it’s the busiest time of year too bless you. Lovely photos this month. Hope Xmas is healthy and merry for you all. #meandmineproject

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