My Teething tips and tricks

We have had a glorious hiatus from teething and all associated symptoms for a good few months now as Athena seemed to get her teeth fairly early on and we’re now just waiting on her last set of molars to appear to give her her full complement of twenty gnashers. Of course knowing my luck Arlo will start to teeth around the same time that these molars arrive!

teething tips and tricks

Athena actually didn’t suffer too much when her teeth arrived to start with, in fact her first two bottom teeth appeared with no warning whatsoever. It was her first molars and her canines that were a bit more problematic! Someone suggested that we use amber to help with teething pain, and although I was sceptical at first the week after Athena’s first anklet got too small and was removed she suffered really badly to the point that she was actually sick a couple of times, I ordered a new larger one online and all was well once it arrived.

How to tell if your baby is teething (unless you are my mum who always thinks babies are teething!)

  • Red cheeks
  • drooling (I was lucky and never experienced this with Athena, so lots of our lovely dribble bibs never got used much!)
  • swollen and red gums
  • loose stools (this is because they’ve swallowed more saliva than normal)
  • irritable baby, who might be reluctant to feed
  • An unwillingness to go to sleep, or stay asleep!

If you’re really worried about a symptom your baby is showing then talk to a dentist local to you,  like a dentist Hammersmith, for expert advice.

Here are my tips to see you through the terrible teething times:

  • cold cucumber or carrot sticks straight from the fridge will be good to chomp on and help to numb things a bit! Toast crusts work well too.
  • distraction works wonders! A new toy, a trip to the park or some sensory play to take little minds off their teeth
  • Amber teething jewellery (though always read the precautions and make sure your baby can’t harm themselves!)
  • Try freezing flannels or muslins so that they can be chomped on (ice lollies work well too but are a bit messier!)
  • Experiment with teethers, there are so many types available to pick from, and some can be frozen too to add extra relief
  • Cuddles will help too!
  • For instant relief try Nelsons teething granules

Please add any more tips for taming the terrible teething times in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “My Teething tips and tricks

  1. Great tips!! My son just turned 4 months and has cut his first tooth – I was so shocked that it’s already broken through as only days ago it was just the little white bump under the gum. The pain he is in has been horrendous (and my ear drums are taking a battering from all the screaming, lol!). My friend suggested that I try a little ice cube of breast milk as a soother, just another idea! Thanks for the great post #TheList

  2. Ah teething…Reuben has just got his back molars and for the last 6-8 months his sleeping was worse than as a newborn! I was telling everyone I’m sure it’s his teeth – why else would you want to be up before the birds?! And sure enough, touch wood, he’s finally starting to sleep longer!

    Some great suggestions, we always used Nelsons graduals too! Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

  3. Great information and great to see amber used sensibly. I always use Love Amber x online. Bought 3 years ago and I still have the same one.
    Bees Knees is the strongest I believe as it is raw amber.
    Your little one is so cute! x

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