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I feel like I’ve moaned a lot on social media recently about various things, but i’m going to do a little more of it because I can! [edit] after chatting to a group of brighton bloggers today I have decided to make this a monthly link-up. I’ll leave the link up open for the whole month, so if you write a post about any negatives going on in your life then please add it, a problem shared is a problem halved remember! You should write a list of positives though, it will make everything seem more bearable! The link-up form is at the end of the post.
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I have raging conjunctivitis and my eye looks like the elephant man. It needs to clear up before Thursday because i’m going to a wedding!It arrived with a fever which is fading thank goodness. Looking after a sprog and being sick sucks. On top of that our boiler is broken so we have no hot water, I am dreaming of hot showers. Well, actually baths but I’ve given them up for lent… someone came this morning but spent 40 minutes on the phone to different people and said he’d be back with a part tomorrow morning. Washing from the kettle is no fun. I am also living in what some would describe as a pigsty. I would describe it as a mild mess, but we got back from holiday on Saturday night, spent Sunday napping on the sofa and Monday and today feeling crap/being semi blind. Tomorrow we’re driving off up to stay in a hotel for the night before my friends wedding… I have to be up early for the boiler dude so perhaps I can at least clean the kitchen then… who knows. I have a lot to blog about but getting posts written is tricky, Athena is pretty demanding and I don’t want to miss anything with her sat behind a laptop! If I had felt better today I could have done something whilst Sam was at home but I didn’t.
Well, a whole paragraph of negativity. Wonderful. Here are some positives:
  • Some amazing person found my purse that I lost last week on holiday and not only did they hand it in to the Police, they didn’t nab the money, the stamps or any cards. It had both our driving licenses in it too! It is winging it’s way back to me now!
  • My new debit card (cancelled the other one obvs) is a contactless one! i’m excited to use it because I am a doofus and these things excite me.
  • One of my best friends is having a small and intimate wedding on Thursday so I get to see her and her lovely family.
  • We are going to ikea and kiddicare on the way, and as these are two of my favourite shops this makes me happy!
  • Our new car is ace. It is huge and tank-like and I am scared to take it into multi storeys but it is comfy and room for so much stuff now!
  • My lovely friend Skye got engaged last week so I am going to celebrate with her and her fiancé on Saturday
  • I have lost another half a stone without trying. I really have no idea how as I look the same and am sat eating ice-cream whilst I type.
  • The #EasterGiftSwap that I am arranging means I’ll get a parcel next week, hurrah!
  • I had an amazing holiday in the peak district with our friends (posts coming at some point) and am now looking forward to Morocco in November.
So, a pretty pointless blog post from me, I do apologise for wasting your time if you got this far. Normal service will resume at some point in the future… i’m off to squirt some ointment in my eye and boil the kettle so I can have a wash before bed.

5 thoughts on “Negatives & positives – a Linkup

  1. Everyone is allowed a moan, it feels good to let off steam. It must be very trying to look after A while you’re I’ll yourself. Get well soon x

  2. OOOOOoooooh I looked at this a few hours ago and now there’s a linky! How exciting! I will try and pull together some negativity to link up 🙂
    I hope your eye’s better soon, feeling poorly and rubbish is completely pants! I also hope you have hot water again soon!
    On a positive, new car sounds fab! What is it?! x

  3. Oh a moan always feels good. But honestly? That all sounds pretty poo! Illness, no hot baths and a babe to run around after? I’d be a mess. Glad you’ve got a whole bunch of positives to help it though. Have a completely wonderful time with your friend tomorrow, and enjoy the hotel room!

  4. Sorry about all the crappy things at the moment- I hope your conjunctivitis sorts itself quickly! I hate not having water at home – when our bathroom was being made over we were without a shower for just over a week. I went swimming the first day, then realised we had a shower at work so I went in at dawn for the rest of the week and showered at work. Felt a little bit weird, because I work in a normal office – especially the days when I was blow-drying my hair in the Boardroom before anyone else turned up :p
    I hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding and enjoy filling up your tank car with half of Ikea 🙂 xxx

  5. Nothing wrong with moaning about things now and then! Hope all the causes of woe are behind you soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to write a post of my own to link up – although I’d love to! – but I’ve got a few things to whinge about: this week, I’ve had two rejection letters from would-be employers, been told by my dentist that I may lose some of my teeth and had a kitchen cupboard fall off the wall. Ah well, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! 🙂

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