Baby Loves: Oxo Tot!

76ZlWSXMy children are definitely grazers rather than three square meals a day types so I tend to always have a selection of little snacks in my bag to keep them happy when we’re out and about. OxoTot recently sent me some bits to help keep Arlo happy with a snack to hand, and something for Athena too!


Two of the containers enable him to feed himself as he pleases, one has a rubberised top with a slit in so that he can get nibbles out as required, this one is absolutely perfect for car journeys as of he waves it about or drops it it doesn’t spill things all over the place! The other one is great for self-feeding as it can be easily opened by little hands as the lid is hinged. They can both go in the dishwasher, and have rubberised grips/handles to make snacking that bit easier!


We were also sent a pack of two lidded bowls, perfect for picnics and lunches at the beach as the lids fit so securely that you can carry things like yoghurt or hummus without the risk of spillage or leaks! These store inside each other when not in use and have rubberised bases so they don’t go slip-sliding all over the place!


There is a wide range of drinking bottles to choose from, and Arlo has always been really fussy about what he will and won’t drink from, it took him a while to master drinking from anything at all but he tends to favour straw type tops over sippy style ones, so the Twist Top bottle we were sent works perfectly for him, even though it’s designed for kids of 2 years plus. The top twists round for the straw to pop up, and is rubberised with a little handle for easy carrying, and it holds enough for a day out – 340mls. The only annoying thing is that it does leak some water if it gets knocked on its side with the straw open but then I guess that’s why it is aimed at older kids! You can buy packs for replacement straws too, which is helpful!

OxoTot also noticed that I was potty training Athena so sent out a really handy 2-in-1 potty seat. It can be used as a standalone potty with the legs flipped down or as a toilet seat suitable for little bottoms on any normal toilet either at home or out and about. We’ve been keeping it in the car for times when Athena needs to go but we’re nowhere near a loo. The seat comes with its own draw string carry bag and three bags to use to catch pee or poop safely as they have an absorbent pad in them and fit into little holes on the seat. After a disastrous experience trying to get her to pee behind a bush a little while ago I wish we’d had this then as she’s happy to use it even in the middle of a busy car park (We opened both doors for a bit of privacy!)



You can view the full range of Oxo Tot products here, including bibs, highchairs and more.

We were sent these items for the purpose of this review.

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  1. A portable potty is such a great idea! Definitely going to invest in one of those for when we start potty training! I’m also a mum to a little boy who is fussy when it comes to water bottles!

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