Parental Rules To Set Positive Examples For Your Kids

Parenting is more than being a provider who looks after the needs of their children. It is also about showcasing the values and behaviour you want your kids to emulate. After all, you are the first role model they come across. You can play a vital role in shaping their personality in the long run. Passing on the best values to them is a part of your responsibility. Surprisingly, even little ones tend to mirror parental behaviour, so you must be conscious of the examples to set for them. Here are some parenting rules to positive examples for your kids.

Rule #1- Value relationships over wealth

Relationships are the mainstay of a happy life, and they matter more than money and material things. You can showcase the value of relationships over wealth to your children with small yet significant actions. Everything starts with a strong marriage because it is the foundation of a happy family. Be there for your parents and siblings, help neighbours, and invest in friendships for a lifetime. You must be equally good with your colleagues and community members. 

Rule #2- Be vulnerable

Life is as much about failures and shortcomings as success and strengths. Be vulnerable enough to accept your weaknesses and mistakes, and tell your kids the importance of learning lessons from them. It sets an example of resilience for the little ones and makes them capable of comebacks. You will have confident children ready to take on the most daunting challenges life throws at them.

Rule #3- Make prayer a part of life

The simplest way to be a positive role model for your kids is by making prayer a part of life. It is a subtle way to show your faith in God and foster spiritual strength. Embrace family prayer rituals, read the Bible at bedtime, and talk about Wyoming Carmelites to inspire the young ones enough to believe in the power of prayer. Narrate your own experience about how praying helped you get through tough times.

Rule #4- Embrace challenges

Embracing challenges is another viable way to set positive examples for your children. Overcoming your fears is the key to raising fearless and confident children. Get out of your comfort zone more often as it inspires your kids to do the same. You can do little things like trying a new recipe, learning a language, taking up a fitness challenge, and starting a side hustle. Every time you embrace new challenges, you give your clan a reason to be proud.

Rule #5- Make a difference

Passing on values takes more than preaching and storytelling. You must show by action and make a difference. Take up volunteering and acts of service to contribute to the community. Even raking leaves or carrying groceries for an elderly neighbor sets an excellent example for your children. Join a charitable organization or follow a cause, and encourage your kids to do the same.

The best education for children starts at home, with parents being their first teachers. Practice these simple parenting rules to give them the best start with the lessons of values and morals. 

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