Personalising Your Vehicle

For most of us, our vehicle of choice will be the second largest investment that we ever make (after our homes, of course). We will spend hours poring over which manufacturer we should pick and what model will best suit us. Over the years, we will sit in it for hours getting from A to B. Generally speaking, we’ll become pretty attached to it with time! So, why not make it a little more personalised to us as individuals. Driving is so commonplace nowadays that we may be used to driving past others with the exact same vehicle as us multiple times a day. Here are just a few ways that you can make your car stand out from the crowd… or at least others in the carpark.

Bumper Stickers or Window Stickers

Let’s start small to ease ourselves into the vehicle personalisation process. Bumper stickers and window stickers are a simple way to leave your mark on your vehicle even while you aren’t inside it. While they might not serve any practical purpose, they can effectively express your personality through your vehicle. There are various types of stickers out there. They can promote activist sentiments that you hold dear to your heart (for example, window stickers promoting veganism or feminism), they can show your allegiance to a political party, they can show membership to certain organisations, or merely have a funny quote or saying that makes you smile!

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Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates are an entirely indulgent purchase. That’s why they make such great gifts! But while you may think that your current number plate is fine and does its job, a personalised one will be something that you get good use out of. You’ll be making use of it every single time you leave your house in your vehicle, after all! Private Plates can be found easily, and there’s bound to be an affordable option out there that will suit you down to a tee. Just remember that if you have a particularly common name, you may find that the first plate you had in your mind is way out of your budget. Opt for different combinations, replacing letters with similar numbers to make things more affordable.

A Paint Job

Now, this is a big change to make to your vehicle, but your tastes and aesthetic might have changed since you initially bought it. Or maybe you’ve just got a few scratches on the paintwork to fix and figure you might as well have a complete overhaul. If you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it properly, right? A paint job can help you to completely change the colour of your vehicle and leave with your body work looking fresh and good as new. With certain paint jobs such as matt finish, you will need to look at services such as Auto Vault car storage to keep the paint work immaculate. Pick your colour wisely, as it’s going to be around for awhile and something you’re going to have to see on a daily basis. Take a look at the same colour on other cars of the same make and model as your own. Then you can get a gist of whether you like it in action or not!

Following these steps can really help you to put your own signature on your car. So start making changes little by little. It’ll be worth every penny!

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