Pregnancy: 28 weeks in my second pregnancy

I actually feel pregnant again now, after spending most of the 2nd trimester forgetting that I was! I seem to have got off pretty lightly with symptoms in the middle, but over the last few weeks they’re either arriving or getting worse! My last update was at 24 weeks, so hopefully a month is long enough that i’m not boring you all!
Skin: Still no new stretch marks, and the old faded ones from last time haven’t changed colour or got worse yet. I only got them under my bump and a few on my bum before so hoping they remain in those areas if I do get them this time! Facially my skin is doing pretty well, but I have a couple of red marks that have reappeared in the same place as in my first pregnancy, one under my eye and the other on my neck, they don’t bother me but could be easily concealed if I needed to. No linear nigra (is that the right name? the brown belly line?) yet and a couple of bouts of itchy hands and arms.
Eating: no weird cravings, I’m waiting for the ice craving to kick in like last time though! I wonder if it will… I’m still not drinking anywhere near as much tea as I used to, instead having milky hot chocolate which is nice as when I’m not pregnant I can’t drink too much milk without my IBS symptoms occurring. I am semi attempting to eat healthily and am definitely eating a lot more fruit that I normally would, but mostly because I shovel it into Athena as she rarely eats veggies!
26 weeks
Sleeping: Still not feeling exhausted, although I do reckon I could nap at any given opportunity if I actually had the chance! Every night has at least 2 toilet visits but I tend to go back to sleep fairly quickly, but now the restless legs seem to be ramping up and often that stops me from falling asleep as fast as I’d like when I get into bed or that/muscle spasms wake me up in the night and I have to massage my calf muscles back to normality before I can sleep again. I didn’t take my lovely pregnancy pillow with me for our week away which I regret, as as soon as I got home I slept better! I am still having vivid dreams, often incorporating themes from my day or things that i’ve read! Thankfully nothing Babadook related though, as we watched that a few days ago!
Headaches: a few here and there, but nothing serious. Oddly my headaches and semi-migraines disappeared completely during my first pregnancy! I am trying to keep up my water consumption to help keep hydrated but if I’m out for the day often let it slide a bit as finding toilets can be a pain!
Other symptoms: Basically I could pee on demand if I had to, I’ve not got to the tena lady stage yet (hopefully I won’t!) but I am regretting not doing kegel exercises after having Athena! Must try harder this time round! I reckon baby just has something wedged into my bladder at all times! What else… nothing really, I’m not as out of breath as I could be which is good, and all my rings still fit etc with no hand or feet swelling, hurrah!
Appointments: I have a 28 week midwife appointment and also a glucose tolerance blood test next week, which is apparently standard for people with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I had it in my last pregnancy too and the results were clear so hopefully they will be this time. I will take food to scoff as soon as I have had blood taken this time, as last time I didn’t and almost collapsed with weakness on the way out of the hospital after 12 hours of just water! I really need to make a Whooping cough jab appointment too now I’m 28 weeks!
Here is a bump comparison at 27 weeks, on the left is my first pregnancy… not a huge difference but I’m definitely carrying higher earlier this time round! I’ve not taken a 28 week snap yet, whoops!


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9 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 28 weeks in my second pregnancy

  1. You look absolutely lovely Lauren! Especially with your new hair, although I guess it’s not so new now 🙂

    Hope things continue to go well for the rest of your pregnancy.

  2. Looking good Lauren! Your bump is coming along nicely. Wishing you a happy and healthy 3rd trimester! Your little man will be here before too long.

  3. I am still so in love with your short hair on you, its gorgeous.. Glad pregnancy is treating you well lady, good luck with all the tests next week. Definitely a good reason for some food treats I reckon!

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