Recent Reads May 2015 & my to read list


I set myself a challenge to read 30 books this year, after managing fifty two last year, yes I am aware that challenges should be greater than previously achieved but I have a new baby okay?!

So I’ve only read a couple of books in the last month or so, but my ‘to read’ list keeps on growing!




Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

This was sent to me by Penguin (who we all know I love as I have a a penguin logo tattooed on my wrist!) along with a lovely little bundle of literary goodies!  I needed a kick up the backside to get reading again so it was lovely to be offered a book that’s turned out to be a proper page turner! I read this over the last week, mostly during night feeds on my kindle and there were definitely times when Arlo had fallen asleep again and I kept on reading because I couldn’t put it down! I’ve already loaned it to a friend to read! Genre wise it kind of sits on the fence between Womens lit & Mystery.


Set in Australia, the story weaves between the families that have children at Pirriwee Public School, at first I was a little dubious as to how a primary school could be the setting of a mystery but it actually makes it even more fun to read! As the book develops you find out more about how the families are connected, whether they’re aware of it or not! Jane and her son move to the town, and she finds she finally feels like she fits in somewhere, making friends with other school mums and meeting a man. The story then evolves around the lives past and present of Jane and her two new friends who seem to have it all sorted. Turns out they don’t! The narrative jumps forwards and backwards in time, helping to build up suspense to ‘The Trivia Night’ and also between all the families and characters involved.

 Ending with a rather dramatic finale it needs to be on everyone’s summer reading list!


The other book I’ve read recently was ‘The Escape‘ by David Baldacci, and although is a mystery it is very different to Big Little Lies! Still fast paced this one dives in and out of various american military organisations and displays their corruptness, whilst weaving into the relationships between two brothers, one investigating the other one for suspected murder!

As I said, my ‘to read’ list just keeps on growing, so I think I need to get reading again and pronto! I’m going to try Landline by Rainbow Rowell next I think, the I’ll read Liane Moriarty’s first novel ‘The Husbands Secret’ as it also has great reviews and I love a mystery!



What did you last read? Any recommendations?

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  1. So many books, so little time! I’m currently reading a book called Dracula Cha Cha Cha which is about vampires in Rome, because I just came back from a trip to Rome. Didn’t see any vampires though!

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