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A couple of weeks ago I was sent a lovely bottle of The Body Shop ‘Vitamin E Overnight serum-in-oil’ to trial before it got released in shops. It comes in a pink bottle with a pipette, and you get 28ml for £15. This new overnight oil has the highest wheat germ oil content of all the products in the Vitamin E range, so is perfect for nourishing your skin overnight.

I’ve been using it for just over 2 weeks now, applying a few drops all over my face and neck before bed. This is the second serum I’ve used so have just about managed to get putting the right amount on my fingers to apply down to a T. It doesn’t leave any greasy marks on the pillow and hasn’t clogged my pores up. Obviously this time of year is a bit naff for skin, dry patches and dull looking is how I would describe mine at the moment. Using this serum has helped to rejuvenate my skin, it looks plumper and feels ‘bouncier’ and fresher.  It also smells really summery, which I love! Oh and I’ve used it to help repair the dry skin on my fingers from a nasty burn a few weeks ago too!

You can view what the other reviewers and I thought by viewing the video here and It’s available in store and online along with the whole range of Vitamin E products available here.

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