Right here, right now

Currently I Am: Sat on the sofa with my laptop. The windows are wide open and I’ve just put up a new pair of curtains! Sam is out at a friend’s house and Athena is fast asleep.

Reading: I’ve just started reading a new book, The 100 ft Journey. I am mega behind on blog reading, but will try to catch up a bit over the weekend!

Listening to: The telly-box. I did listen to a podcast on the way into town earlier though, it was the latest episode of ‘Answer me this’ which is awesome.

Laughing At: The advert for the new Inbetweeners movie. Juvenile but hilarious. The dancefloor scene in the first one cracks me up still!

Swooning Over: nobody!

Planning: Blogposts for the next week or so, I’ve decided to stop pushing myself to blog daily and just go with the flow a bit more! That way I might make it into bed before 1am on nights before work! I wasn’t going to blog at all today but this was a nice quick and easy post to bash out!

Eating Lots Of: Avocado & Magnums mainly…

Feeling: Ill. My IBS is still giving me jip and I also have swollen glands and a sore throat.

Discovering: That swimming in the sea is awesome, I went with Skye yesterday after work and now I want to go again! It’s tricky when it’s just Athena and I though as she’s not exactly a competent swimmer yet… She has been in the sea before though!

Looking At: The mess splattered around the living room, we made a fort today (I say we, it was all me whilst Athena was napping!) so things have been displaced a little! I am also looking at the telly, I am watching series one of The Mill on catch up.

Wearing: A pair of shorts and a bra. It’s too hot for anything else at the moment! I did put a top on to leave the house though!

Cooking: Hardly at all in this heat, It makes the place too hot and I don’t even fancy eating hot food when it’s this baking! I did make some brownies earlier in the week though!

Wondering: What to order for the my next food delivery, bearing in mind the above statement about cooking. Maybe a whole load of ice lollies!

Trying Out: New things today that I’m trying out are a new shampoo and a new flavour of tea, Ankara Apple from Bluebird Tea co.

Donna (Redhead Babyled) tagged me in this, and I would love for anyone who reads to share! It’s kind of like the blog version of the #widn tag on instagram I guess!

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