#Saturday6 – 6 Funny Things My Kids Have Said Recently

This weeks #Saturday6 post is a list of funny things the kids have said recently. I really need to record these more often so we can look back at them when the kids are bigger! The link up is at the end of the post…


  • Last week we were posting a card to my Uncle and as he put it in the letter box Arlo said “is the letter going to shoot underground to get to him now?”. How awesome would it be if that was the way post boxes really worked?!


  • Athena: Let’s play Rock Paper Scissors Arlo
    Arlo: Okay, I’ll be the Scissors
    Athena: and I’ll be the rock!


  • During dinner Arlo said to Athena “Tina, you’re not meant to eat with your mouth open!!” (hey, he listened to something I said for once!) Athena answered with “But if I can’t open my mouth how am I supposed to get the food in?”. Athena takes things SO literally! When her teacher last year told them to bring in their PJs for their treat afternoon at school “in a plastic bag” she had a hissy fit when I put them in a cloth tote bag! I had to insist that her teacher wouldn’t mind what sort of bag she used!


  • “When you die the world ends” Bizarrely philosophical for a 5 year old.

Funny thing my kids have said

  • Arlo has a fishing game with lots of different sea creatures to fish out with magnets, and we were asking him what each one was called. This is a ‘Clobster’ apparently, as it has claws. Makes perfect sense!


  • “When I have a big dick I’ll kill baddies with it!!” Arlo can’t pronounce any words that have a consonant after the S. Snack= nack. Snake = nake. Stamp = tamp… and Stick = dick apparently!






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