Scrapbook Loves Feb 2020

Well February  flew by didn’t it? Punctuated with a half term that  dragged a little towards the end  because I  arranged all our playdates in the first half of the week… whoops! I mean the torrential rain didn’t help either! I mean, we’re definitely not fair weather folk and do go out and about when it’s wet, cold and miserable but when it’s day in day out we get a bit fed up with cleaning muddy wellies and  losing the feeling in our fingers!

Anyway here are my favourites for February, along with a   new addition of what  I loathed this month…

What I read this month

the books i read in february

Some bangers this month! First up  I hadn’t realised there was a  third book in the ‘Rosie Project’  series, but it came out in early ’19.  The series follows Don, a very intelligent and highly functioning dad/husband on the autistic spectrum, who now has a  son going through things of his own too. Superbly  written and you’ll fly through it wanting to know what will happen. Read the other two first though! Next were two books that focus heavily on race,  especially on interracial relationships . Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams is set in London and follows the life of Queenie both during and after a break up, and any female will relate to a lot of the stages Queenie goes through.  Next is Such a FUn Age by Kiley Reid. This one  delves into  interracial  relationships both as boyfriend/girlfriend and employer/employee. It also covers trust, motherhood and comparing  yourself to your peers, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

The Gifted School was a bit of a slow starter, with lots of different families to commit to memory. What happens when a tight knit group of friends suddenly get very competitive over their kids? And whilst they’re doing that, what are the kids getting up to? The book gathers pace from half way through. Entertaining, shocking and a twist I didn’t see coming.

What I watched this month

Too much, as always! Tv  first and I really REALLY loved ‘I am not okay with this’  which is on Netflix and both the episodes and the series was too short! I wasn’t really for it to end but it’s definitely a cliffhanger  so hoping a second season comes soon. Think Matilda but in high school,  with a great soundtrack. Other than that I have mostly been watching Breaking Bad, even though I am about 12 years late to the  party!

Film-wise we watched  the first Harry Potter film with the kids, during half term, not that Arlo paid much attention as he’s no good at sitting still for long periods of time!  I also watched Last Christmas (awful!)  and Where’d  you go Bernadette? which I loved the book of, the film was pretty close to the original  story, worth a watch!

What I listened to this month

Nothing of great interest really, but I did make a spotify playlist that you might like if you’re mid thirties and like indie music with a bit of ska and other stuff thrown in:  it’s here

What  I made this month

Managed to burn  slow cooker rice pudding my leaving the slow cooker on ALL NIGHT. BUT the bits that didn’t burn are  pretty nice. I’ll try it again and if it’s still good I will share the recipe. We also made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! 

What I wore this month

Absolutely nothing new because I am  still in a ‘no spend’ year and nothing has worn out so much it needed replacing. Go me!

What I loved this month

Lazy mornings  with no school runs, and slightly later nights for the kids. I also loved taking the kids to Waterstones to spend Christmas vouchers and   pick some new books.

What I loathed this month

The rain, the incessant dark days and high winds.  I fully appreciate  that we don’t live in an area affected by flooding, am thankful daily that our roof tiles have stayed put  but the weather really did put a dampner on half term and most of the rest of this month!

I am also loathing how fast kids feet grow, and how quickly Arlo can ruin  a pair of shoes. New shoes on the first day after half term and by the end of the week both were showing signs of wear!

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