Scrapbook Loves June & July ’21

Our Summer holidays so far have been a little damp but just over a week down and I think we’re all having fun still – even if I’ve been eaten out of house and home and bedtimes are closer to 9pm that the normal 7pm! But it’s nice to have less of a routine than during term time that’s for sure! We had two dress-up days at school in the last half term, a Victorian day to celebrate their school’s 150th Anniversary and a Harry Potter day too.

Athena also turned Eight in June, and got a new bike! But here’s a photo from this week where she’s looking pleased with her Aunt’s old Playmobile dolls house which took me hours to build as who knows where the instructions are!?

What I read this month

Very few books, for me anyway. I’m just not able to concentrate on reading at the moment – and haven’t been choosing ‘grab you and make you want to read it all’ books apparently as nothing seems to hold my attention for long enough. I started around four other books that I’ve semi given up on too. We’ve got a little trip coming up though so I’m hoping to perhaps read a couple of books whilst we’re away!

What I watched this month

The last series of Atypical (such a shame it’s ended!) the last season of Kim’s Convenience, and what I really hope is the last season of Greys Anatomy – I think it’s ready to be retired after 17 seasons, anyone agree? I have been keeping up with the latest season of A Handmaids Tale, which is as good as ever.

What  I made this month

I’m desperately trying to finish off a cross-stitch project that will be a wedding gift. Because my wrists and fingers are so sore and numb a lot of the time with my carpal tunnel syndrome it’s taken me a lot longer to do than I hoped – but hopefully it will be well received! Other than that project I’ve been continuing to stitch up holes in all our clothes instead of throwing them.

I also ‘made’ this on our bedroom wall (Well, Sam put the shelf up for me but I did the rest) and our bedroom makes me really happy now, it’s light and spacious and normally has Rambo asleep in it (or posing!)

What I loved this month

We always love a trip to the Circus, and a Zippos performance is always a really special treat- because every show is full of life, exhilaration and amazement. We were invited along to see the performance and share what we thought. This year Zippo’s have set up the big top on Hove Lawns and will be there till the 15th August. Continuing to follow Covid-secure practises with spaced out seating, and a request for masks to be worn when in the big top.  There are two performances a day and you can book on the Zippo’s Circus website using the code ZC62 at check out to get 30% ALL shows at all locations for the rest of this tour. Paulo Dos Santos is the new presenter, if you’ve seen a Zippo’s show before you may recognise him, but at a metre tall he’s not afraid to show off his acrobatics and aerial skills, as well as a lot of clowning around to keep the audience entertained! There are dates at Croydon, Ascot, Twickenham, & Guildford taking us right up to the 31st October.

We had the fast jumping, fire limbo-ing Timbuktu Tumblers, the amazing Oyuna the Aerialist, Ebbe the contortionist who squeezed herself into a bottle, the amazing Garcia brothers, who I feel like we’ve seen grow up over the years that we’ve been seeing Zippos shows – they used to support their parents act and now they have their own! There was a lot more to see of course, including the amazing Wheel of Steel finale, where multiple motorbikes whizz around a metal sphere with a (very!) brave lady standing inside!

What I loathed this month

  • The changeable weather
  • The kids declaring ‘I’m Bored’ within 13 minutes of opening their eyes in the morning
  • The noise of balls being bounced in the back garden. ARGHHHHH why is it SO annoying?
  • My car breaking beyond repair (new gear boxes are not cheap) so we had to spend a good chunk of money for house-projects on a newer car.

What else happened this month

In the past couple of months our garden has been coming along nicely, and we spend a sunny Saturday putting together a long raised planter, and growing strawberries, courgettes, lots of herbs and some sunflowers too! I’ve loved spending time in the garden, eating meals out there, relaxing with a cuppa and throwing things around for Rambo to chase. We also cleaned and repainted the decking too, which was a job and a half! The snails that like to munch on my plants are the only down side!

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