Eight Reasons Staycations Are The Way Forward

I am a firm believer in Staycations, though I spent my 20’s going on holidays abroad because I was child and budget free. Obviously now my priorities are a bit different but I still need a break every once in a while! I started to embrace the ‘Staycation’ when I was pregnant and I think there are so many glorious places to visit in the UK. I love exploring places we’ve never been before; we had a babymoon in Cornwall staying in a converted barn, and Athena’s first holiday was to the Dales to stay in an old Mill House sat alongside a river. There are lots of reasons why a Staycation is the easiest option for families so I asked some of my favourite parenting bloggers what they love about UK based self catering holidays:


It’s more suitable for us having younger children and a lot less stressful! We feel less restricted and I don’t have to worry about luggage allowance, which is a good thing as I take everything but the kitchen sink Stickymudandbellylaughs.com

We love staycations – the UK is so beautiful and so much of it is accessible even without a car. We have some of the most beautiful cities and beaches in the World – its only the last few years I’ve really appreciated that. Also staying in a cottage or apartment rather than a hotel is so much more convenient, you get to see the residential side of a place and you have so much more freedom and flexibility! Not to mention that its a lot more value for money in most instances! bettertogetherhome.com

Being able to be yourselves as a family and not suffer the stress of eating out can’t be beaten. You get to eat meals at times that suit your family. Self catered accommodation tends to be cosier too, a proper home from home! talkingmums.com

You can eat breakfast without having to get dressed! That’s a winner right there. Plus if you make too much dinner and lunch is sorted for the next day. Oh, did I mention a fridge for milk and prosecco? EmmysMummy.com

My son has autism and so these kind of holidays are absolutely the best for us – they allow us to keep to his routine almost exactly as we would at home. We have the flexibility to do things exactly as we would wish and so we don’t have to worry about late meals or different sleeping arrangements. I think this is great with any children as they all thrive on routine. It is also more stress free for parents as you do not have to keep to anyone else’s agenda or routine. Someonesmum.co.uk/

With fussy kids, the ability to make your own meals is a god send! It also means you can holiday on a budget without the hassle of flying which as a family of 5 is always a good thing Twinderelmo.co.uk

We have a boy under one so are doing staycations this year as it’s easier to travel a little closer to home, plus with all his bits and bobs that we need like formula etc its just easier to pack out the car and stay somewhere by the sea. We can also get our own normal food to make the change a little less impactful! illustratedteacup.com 

I think a staycation is far easier for us as a family of six, the thought of taking our four through the airport brings me out in a cold sweat! We much prefer to have all of our home luxuries and it’s so much cheaper to order in a huge supermarket shop for the day of our arrival so that we don’t have to constantly eat out every day. fivelittledoves.com

Suffolk Secrets is a website packed full of perfect places to stay in Suffolk, somewhere I’ve not ever been to on holiday as we tend to drive through it on the way to stay with family in Norfolk but my godmother lived there when I was young, too young to remember going to stay with her sadly! I’ve been browsing the site for some holiday inspiration and there were two properties that caught my attention. Balmore Cottage is so close to the sea, just a few steps from Southwold’s shoreline, under the watchful eye of the lighthouse. A conservatory and enclosed courtyard mean that it’s perfect to give kids space to play safely, and two en-suite bathrooms means nobody is waiting for a shower at any point! There’s a washing machine and a dishwasher for keeping on top of the housework too, nobody likes to come home with a suitcase full or dirty clothes to face the next day! Southwold itself looks lovely, those gorgeous picturesque beach huts and lots of traditional little shops and cafes to explore and relax in.

The Martello Boathouse is also right on the seafront too (are you noticing a theme yet?) though it’s in the secluded hamlet called Shingle Street. Overlooked by a tower that was built to help defend the coastline against Napolean the Boathouse has a secure garden, free parking and a gorgeous view from the decked patio. I think it would be absolutely perfect for a ‘switch off from everything and get away from it all’ break, though there is wifi for those instagrammable moments!

There is so much more to see and do in Suffolk that I though, I spent some time last night browsing the Visit Suffolk site, and definitely want to visit Melford Hall, and Landguard Fort looks like an interesting day out too!

So if you’ve got any tips for places to visit in Suffolk do let me know, and feel free to share your Staycation hints and tips too!

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.


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