Style: Winter Warmers Wishlist

I love wrapping up but only when it is properly cold, I can’t be doing with being too hot and we’re definitely coming into those awkward few weeks when you need a coat in the morning pre-9am but not any time after midday as it’s too warm. At the moment I am still in a jumper and flip flops most days, but I know we’re edging towards the chilly months so have been on the snoop for some cosy winter essentials to keep me toasty on the school runs and various other adventures! Everything is under £100 too, bonus! I just need to decide which boots to treat myself to!

You can never have enough scarves as far as I am concerned, and I wear them a lot throughout the year. Floaty scarves are perfect for autumn and spring but thicker ones like blanket scarves are the snuggliest thing come winter, even indoors!  I really love the Aztec print one by Pieces (available at Tesco Direct would you believe?) and the colours in the Blue and Burgundy one are an easy way to add a bit of colour to a (probably, if we’re talking about me anyway) dark outfit. It’s by from a colourful range by Codello via Zalando. Finally for the really chilly ‘wrap a scarf round your neck and probably up to your eyes’ days I love the look of this knitted muted rainbow scarf, also from Zalando.

Next up are boots, which I have a love/hate relationship with, as I like having toasty feet but hate the rigmarole of finding boots that fit perfectly! I have ridiculously delicate feet that practically get blisters if I so much as look at a new pair of shoes, let alone try them on! I don’t just get blisters at the heel, oh no, round the sides of my ankles and my toes too! So obviously though I’ve not tried these on I’ve picked ones I like the look of and that hopefully wouldn’t be too painful to wear! The fluffy topped moccasin styles are by Wrangler and look as comfy as slippers! Next up is a pair of knee length boots from Mally, though I’m always a bit wary of tall boots as I am quite a short person and they can often make me look shorter than I am! The elastic at the back of the calves mean they wouldn’t gape and flap as I walked though, which is what drew me to them. Finally the Biker boots by Luca Stefani are just perfect, elasticated sides, hardware and a sturdy boot- what more could you ask for? All these boots are available from Yoox.


Finally and fairly obviously a jacket is the ultimate winter warmer, and these three have been in my ‘favourites’ on Asos for a couple weeks. I love the Biker jacket with the fur trim, but annoyingly the listing doesn’t say if it’s removable or not, and as it’d be a nice year-round jacket it would look pretty daft in spring to have a big white fur collar! But other than that I love the detailing and the zips. The belted coat is such a classic look and great for giving a bit of shape at the waist. I love this plum colour but it;s available in a dove grey and a darker colour too, the only issue is NO POCKETS! Major design flaw there if you ask me! It would be great for evenings out when you’ve got a hand bag to fling your bits in but if you were popping to the shops or on the school run then I just need to fling my keys and phone in a pocket and go! Finally, the dusky pink Parka pretty much meets all my requirements – detachable lining, big pockets and a drawstring at the waist… plus it’s available in petite (yay, that’s me!) and tall styles too!


So tell me what your favourites are from this little lot? I’m still debating but I think its’s the pink Parka, the biker boots and the aztec scarf for me!

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