Superdad! An outfit post from my husband!

Those of you who’ve met Sam will know he’s on the tall and ‘statuesque’ side.  He’s 6’6 so often finds it a struggle to find clothes that fit.  Most normal shirts come un-tucked the moment he bends over. Most jeans end inches above his heels.

To celebrate fathers day he was lucky enough to be invited by Jacamo to choose some clothes from their online store. Jacamo stocks clothes from XS all the way to 3XL, and stocks their own (very reasonably priced) range as well as other brands and designers. They recently surveyed a bunch of dads to find out how they felt about their role as a father. 57% of dads do the main food shop, 92% split chores with their partner and the average dad spends 22.5 hours a week in sole charge of their kids! I do wonder though if the partners would answer in the same way! Sam definitely is as hands on as possible with Athena, on days when he’s not on a night shift he makes sure he comes home in time to do the dinner and bedtime routine, and will get her up in the morning to let me get some extra time in bed! If you click the image you can view it in full size to see if you agree with what your partner does!

The site is easy to navigate, everything is separated into categories for ease of browsing. You can then whittle down the results by size/colour/cut etc. They also have a range of collections too, which might help guys who don’t just love to trawl through everything on the site (like me) so they can see a range of ideas that might work. We both really liked the Brighton Life and the Camo & Khaki ranges.

Sam chose two long length striped shirts, neither of which come un-tucked when he bends over or spins round in his chair at work!  Plus the sleeves on these are just the right length too, no cuffs half way up his forearms! At under £13 these are the cheapest 100% cotton shirts we’ve come across that fit! He also chose an new belt, to add a bit of smartness to his work outfit as his other one was a bit of a frayed mess!

For non work days he also got some Khaki combat shorts, perfect for warmer weather we’ve suddenly been graced with and tonnes of pockets that we’ll forget to empty before washing (it’s not just me that does that is it?)  The shorts are just the right length, often he finds shorts end up being just a little longer than his boxers but these sit just on the knee (so he’s not flashing too much milk-bottle white leg!!)

The polo shirt material is nice and breathable, has a subtle embroidered logo on the chest and also has ‘non-curl’ collars, plus comes in a range of different colours and sizes up to 3xl, and are long enough to tuck in if needed!

IMG_7543 IMG_7596

Sam now knows how awkward it is to pose ‘naturally’ for outfit photos… but I think he secretly quite liked it!

Thank you to Jacamo for sending Sam some new threads for Fathers Day!

3 thoughts on “Superdad! An outfit post from my husband!

  1. Oh wow! That’s a good price for a shirt, my sisters husband is really tall so i’ll let her know about the website! Your husband looks pretty suave haha!

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