The Best Luxury Hotels for Your Friends and Family Trip

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Planning a trip is half the fun of the whole event. Months before you want to leave, the Pinteresting begins. You spend hours and hours poring over potential destinations; should you choose somewhere tropical for days or beach fun and nights under a blanket of stars? Or should you pick a mountain destination where you can hike and spend chilly nights gathered by an old stone fireplace? Your luxury vacation will hardly be luxury if you don’t have all the information before you plan it! You have to think about the preferences of every person who will be coming along and plan for entertainment for any young ones who might be in your party. Will the hotel have daycare facilities available? Is there a doctor on staff or nearby in the event of a medical emergency? What will the weather be like; do you have enough warm or cold clothing, or do you need to buy more before you leave? Are there day trips and activities for everyone to enjoy in nearby areas? Can you get there by road or sea, or do you need to hire a private jet company to reach your destination?

If all of this planning gets a little bit overwhelming and you find yourself stuck in a rut with the same three holiday ideas you’ve used for the last few decades, worry not; we have the perfect list for you! We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for family-friendly, luxury getaways, and they definitely won’t let you down. Let’s take a look.

Image by Elina Sazonova via Pexels

Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire, UK.

If a quiet, country getaway seems like the right choice for your family, then Glenapp Castle is the place for you. Nestled in the Ayrshire woods in Scotland, this exquisitely restored old castle is the perfect place for a king or queen and their brood to take a well-earned break. The classic interior design that can be found in all the suites is nothing if not lordly. Book one suite for a smaller family or book a suite for mom and dad and a junior suite for the older kids.

The dining options and the castle grounds themselves will give your family plenty of opportunities to explore and be entertained, but if you’re looking for more adventure, why not try a Hebridean sea safari? Take the kids to luxury camping or explore the wild and beautiful beaches that Scotland is famous for. There are many archaeological sites near the castle, and the gastronomic wonders of Scottish culture are made clear at every pub and restaurant you come to.

Lone Mountain Ranch, Big Sky, Montana, US.

Montana is famous for its wide-open spaces, herds of wild horses, and the most enormous sky you’ve ever seen. Lone Mountain Ranch is no exception to the rule of natural beauty that governs Montana, and it’s the perfect place for a family who likes the outdoors but also to come home to a hot bath and a soft bed. This lodge has welcomed travellers for over 100 years and offers an authentic Yellowstone Country experience for those who wish to try the wild American way of life. Choose between one and two-bedroom cabins or entire houses, all constructed in the traditional log cabin style. Whether you prefer to holiday in the heat or the freezing cold, Lone Mountain Ranch has an activity that will make your heart sing. Try horseback riding or Yellowstone tours when the weather is fine, or skiing and dog sledding when the snow is freshly fallen.

Image by Emma Bauso via Pexels


Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa, Northamptonshire, UK.

Did someone say spa? We’re back in the English countryside again, for a relaxation and pampering experience that you’ll never forget. Fawsley Hall was built way back in the 1760s, and the original home has been maintained beautifully. The property is 2000 acres of the lushest, greenest country you could ever hope to see, and you’ll feel right at home before you know it. Though the younger kids might baulk at the mention of a spa day, the spa is suited for the whole family. Not only is there a wide range of treatments, but also a “spatisserie,” which serves decadent but healthy meals to keep you fortified. Try a Himalayan salt sauna or some hydrotherapy before you take a stroll outside to enjoy some traditional English lawn games or a spot of afternoon tea.

Image by Kampus Production via Pexels

Le Soleil d’Or, Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands.

Hello, white sand beaches as far as the eye can see! There’s nothing quite like stretching out on a lounger in the lovely, warm sun for a few hours, is there? If you take a trip to Le Soleil d’Or, you’ll get to experience the very best tropical luxuries sustainably. This resort is low-key and has adopted a farm-to-table strategy that lowers its environmental impact significantly. There are eight accommodations on the property for maximum privacy. Here your family can paddle in crystal clear waters or pick their own veggies for supper with the on-site chef. If veggies sound terrible, why not try a pizza-making class instead? If you have the energy, there are yoga and pilates classes too.

Wrap Up

We’ve taken all the toil out of planning and supplied you with four fantastic luxury holiday options. All that’s left is to pick one and pack your bags.