The Best Places to Go for a Family Break

You might be in the process of planning a big family holiday after not being able to travel for a long time. Because of the pandemic and the stresses and worries that come with it, we all deserve a break. Thankfully, many destinations are now open, welcoming tourists once again. Therefore, it’s about time to reconnect and make memories with our loved ones again. 

If you need help deciding which places to visit, here’s our list of the best places for a family break.

Gran Canaria 

Gran Canaria, the third largest island in the Canary Islands, is a great destination to consider for family holidays. The island enjoys excellent weather all year round, which means families will have plenty of opportunities to take up outdoor activities. You’ll also find plenty of family-friendly resorts and spectacular beaches safe for your little ones.

Take your kids to the island’s beautiful beaches. All beaches in Gran Canaria are free to enter, and most of these have umbrellas and beach chairs you can use for free. Head to Puerto Rico, the main public beach, lined with restaurants, shops, and water sports facilities, from banana boats to jet skis and paragliding. Families with older kids should try the Big Red Power Boat Ride, a thrilling ride that feels like being on a rollercoaster on the water!

Spend some time away from the beaches and explore the charming towns of Gran Canaria, such as Puerto de Mogan, which has bustling craft markets where you can shop for souvenirs. Puerto de Mogan is also home to a beautiful beach and a small marina where you can take boat trips onboard a glass-bottomed boat.


Iceland is an awe-inspiring place that both adults and kids will love. Be enchanted by its dramatic landscapes that consist of incredible lava formations, majestic waterfalls, and bubbling geothermal pools. And if you’re a family of adventurers, there are many more reasons to choose Iceland for your family holiday.

Iceland is the perfect destination for an exciting road trip with the family. In fact, the best way to discover the island’s stunning natural attractions is on a road trip. Therefore, the first thing you need to do upon landing is to rent a car once in Iceland. A 4×4 vehicle is perfect for a road trip in Iceland, designed to offer extra traction, allowing you to explore destinations with uneven terrains. 

Once you have a vehicle, it’s time to hit the road! Drive through the Golden Circle Circuit, a tourist route in southern Iceland, covering about a 300 km loop. It starts in Reykjavík, taking you to the uplands and back. This route will take you to Iceland’s most famous attractions, such as the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii for a family vacation. Also called the “Garden Isle”, the island is renowned for its lush and beautiful landscapes. Best of all, it’s not as crowded as the more popular islands of Oahu or Maui. Therefore, you can enjoy a quieter and more relaxing family break in Kauai.

When travelling to Kauai with little kids, you’ll probably spend most of your time at the beach. This beautiful tropical paradise is blessed with pristine shorelines offering plenty of opportunities to play in the water, build sandcastles, and encounter marine life in their natural habitat. The best beaches to visit are Poipu Beach, Hanalei Bay, and Lydgate Beach.

If you and your kids are not afraid of heights, go on a helicopter tour to explore the entire island! It’s an exciting opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the magnificent landscapes of Kauai. You’ll also see those areas that are difficult to access by road, such as the Napali Coast. Spanning 17 miles along the North Shore, Napali is famous for its extraordinary beauty, which you can admire on your helicopter tour!


Majorca is an ideal destination for family holidays, thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches, rich culture and history, and numerous fun attractions for adults and kids. Whether your family wants to relax or prefer a more adventurous holiday experience, Majorca will offer everything you need.

There are many fun attractions in Majorca suitable for kids such as the Aqualand El Arenal, an exciting water park boasting adventurous and relaxing activities for families to enjoy. Another park worth a visit is Katmandu Park, a thrilling theme park with plenty of rides and entertainment for little kids. If your kids are into nature and adventure, take them to Coves del Drach, a network of caves with many fascinating sights for everyone to enjoy, including an underground lake. The cave network is fun to explore and guaranteed to delight your adventurous kids. 

To get the most out of your family trip to Majorca, you need to plan your trip well, which means booking your accommodation in advance. Check out the superb holiday rentals Majorca has to offer. Staying at holiday rentals is more suitable if travelling with the family since these rentals are spacious and have facilities to cater to kids.


Home to many striking attractions, including Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak, Tenerife is a great destination to take the family. Tourism infrastructures on the island are well-developed, which means there are plenty of accommodations and amenities suitable for families with kids.

Without a doubt, taking the cable car to Mount Teide is one of the most exciting things to do in Tenerife with kids. It’s such a fun experience as it offers the opportunity to hike through the volcanic terrains and explore Teide National Park. When making the journey to Mount Teide, stop at Sendero de Los Roques de García, one of the most scenic hikes on the island. 

Another activity to enjoy in Tenerife is to join a dolphin and whale watching tour. More than 25 species of whales and dolphins visit the waters of the Canary Islands each year, and you’ll have the opportunity to see them up close on your tour.

 Image from Unsplash.