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My love for the Body Shop goes way back, Twenty years or so back in fact! I grew up in a village really close to the Body Shop HQ in Littlehampton and my mum took me on the factory tour a few times as well as numerous visits to the ‘Trading Post’ which was an on site shop selling end of lines and discounted stock. Needless to say I have fond memories of the tour, you got ferried around in little land trains, saw bananas being squished and learnt a lot about the world that provided all the amazing ingredients that went into the products. Between my ma and I we had several cotton tote bags and I had a few T shirts too! So when I was invited to a Brighton Blogger event run by the Body  Shop I was pretty excited to go along and see some new products and have a chat about some hero products too!


We spent a lovely evening overlooking the Marina, hearing all about their Summer Edit, new ranges and past favourites. We were introduced to the new Voyage range which is a refresh of four perfumes, with another due to join them this week. The new perfume is called Italian Summer Fig and is my favourite out of the five, and I tried them all and left smelling a bit odd as they all mixed together! Italian Fig is a musky fragrance (my favourite type) with figgy bottom notes with a touch of amber but with a summery twist of grape leaf and crocus. Get to your local Body Shop and give it a sniff, it hits stores today! The new shaped bottles are super cute and the packaging takes inspiration from the regions the five perfumes hail from.


I spent time with the skincare specialist to find out if what I’m using already (when I remember!) is the right thing and was pleased to find out it was! With combination skin that can get dry in winter but is mostly an oily T zone scenario my Tea Tree toner and camomile cleansing oil partnership is doing a good job, along with the Vitamin E Serum in Oil (which I reviewed here) I was quite relieved to hear that I’ve finally found a regime that works so no need to change it! I did love the look and feel of the ‘drops of youth’ bounce sleep mask though, it’s a leave on jobby that feels like silly putty!


There was also an opportunity to play around with the full makeup range, and I’m definitely going to give the honey bronzer a go soon as I’ve always been a contouring fan and I think this would work really well as a subtle contour when you’ve got sun kissed (aka freckled) skin anyway!

The Body Shop Spa Of The World

Lastly the Spa of the World range launches next month (August ’15) and is chock full of amazing smelling, feeling and looking products to help you recreate that spa feeling at home, so perfect for tired mamas like me that have no chance of getting to a proper spa anytime soon due to the demands of a very small baby! Including salts, clay, scrubs and massage oils plus a range of moisturising choices you really can treat yourself! The Hawaiian Kukui Cream is the most decadent smelling body cream I’ve ever come across, with a lighter consistency than body butter it still leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and lightly fragranced the next morning!

We were sent on our way with a gorgeous beach bag filled with goodies to try out, in fact as it’s taken me two weeks to get this post up I’m already almost out of the Egyptian Milk & Honey bath, which makes my whole home smell like a spa! SO a huge thank you to The Body Shop for inviting me along, Arlo and I had a great evening and I’ve added to my ‘body shop shopping list’ too so watch this space for more reviews!

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