The end of Reception

So she’s just gone off for her last day in Reception class, as a ‘butterfly’ which is her class name. And as saccharine as it sounds she really has developed and spread her wings this year, much like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. She started off as a 4 year old, hardly knew her letters, didn’t write anything but her own name and hated any sort of traditional teaching she’d experienced at preschool.

last day of reception Now, 11 months later she’s writing sentences (using phonetic spellings but hey ho, normally they’re decipherable!) writing out sums for herself and even learning to tolerate reading (though I wish she’d learn to love it as it’s hard for me as an avid bookworm for her to choose her tablet over a book, given the choice!)

last day of reception


Not only that but her speech has improved, her vocab surprises me and she has a really strong sense of what is right and wrong, she’s definitely a peace keeper given the opportunity! She say’s that everyone in class is her friend, and her teacher has confirmed this. She said Athena can easily slot into any group and just fit in. I’m looking forward to a summer of fun with her, though I do plan to keep going with reading and writing during the holidays, but in fun ways rather than ‘sit down and learn’ ways, after all it’s meant to be a holiday! I’m really hoping she treats herself to a few lie ins though so she can try and get rid of the bags under her eyes!

Happy School Holidays!



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  1. She’s adorable. They make so much progress in that first year – and I bet she can’t wait to go back (not before a big exciting summer though!) x #TheOrdinaryMoments

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