The Ultimate Guide To Your Little One’s Nursery

Your baby might be arriving imminently meaning that you are busy nesting within the home. You might have cooked up three months worth of one pot meals for the family. You might have cleaned the house every day for the past three weeks. And you might have all of the kit that you think you need to ensure that your baby is safe in the home. However, the nursery is probably the area of your humble abode where you have spent most of your time in the past couple of weeks. You want this to be their haven of relaxation, conducive to great sleep, and a positive and happy place for them to be. Take a look at this ultimate guide to help you craft the perfect nursery for your little cherub.


The crib is the most important aspect of your little one’s nursery. Think about the sort of cot or crib that you want. There are some incredible antique or retro classics that you can purchase at auction. However, these may not have the safety credentials of more modern varieties. Take a look online at sites like For Your Little One to see the sorts of styles, colours, and sizes that could be suitable for your nursery. Ensure that there is space for your baby to grow. You don’t want to be swapping the crib too often as this will disturb your baby’s sleep. Instead, choose a crib that has enough room for a large baby mattress. Put a mobile over the top and ensure there is space for some comforting teddies and toys. If your baby is comfortable and peaceful in their crib, they have more chance of sleeping through the night.

Colour Scheme

You can read all of the baby books in the world that details the different colours that you should be going for in your nursery. However, you need to consider the natural light available in your room which will help to dictate the colour you choose. If natural light is limited, think about painting the walls using a sheen or satin finish emulsion. This will enable light to bounce across the room. Put up a mirror or two to improve the light. Colour wise, you should go for something muted rather than bold. Forget about gender specific colours and go for a mellow yellow, a biscuit or oatmeal shade of white, or a peach. These colours are soothing rather than too stimulating meaning that your baby can sleep better at night.

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It can be challenging to work out how to configure your child’s room. Think about having everything to hand and utilising a triangle formation. Ensure that you have the crib, a changing table, a set of drawers to keep nappies, and a bookcase within easy reach. Most nurseries are small for a reason – so everything is within easy reach!

If you are eager to create the perfect nursery, think beyond the decor. This room will be the place your baby grows into a toddler and beyond so you need to follow this guide to create a happy and positive environment.

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