Things my toddler has kissed

toddler kiss

A list of things my toddler has kissed recently…

  • Her brother, lots. This I am fine with.
  • Her ‘baby’, her lola doll, her stuffed dinosaur, her owl hand puppet, her pink bunny… again I’m fine with all of these.
  • My welly boots that were sat outside our flat door in the hallway. Bit odd, bit muddy.
  • Her welly boots that she was wearing at the time. Agile, also muddy.
  • The car door, after she’s closed it.
  • The post box after posting her first letter. A very delicate kiss too!
  • The snot-sucker (after using it herself…”I did it mummy!” yup, well done kiddo)
  • Her potty, after using it and putting the loo paper in it. This was a dangerous move as she picked it up to do so, but the rug remained unscathed.
  • The toilet seat after peeing in the loo. I have no words… and need to buy some spray disinfectant I think!

It’s really quite sweet that she loves to kiss things, but some of her choices are a bit out there! She also says goodbye to almost everything she walks past  on the way out of the house, leaving can take quite some time!



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3 thoughts on “Things my toddler has kissed

  1. The list definitely gets more worrying as it goes on!! I kept thinking “please be it, that has to be the worst!”. Think some disinfectant spray might be a good call… although at least she’s going to have a rock-solid immune system! xxx

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