Top 5 Luxury Destinations Perfect for Families

Planning a holiday with the family can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking time off to spend quality time with the family in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

To help take the stress out of deciding where to go for your luxury family holiday, refer to this list of the top 5 luxury destinations perfect for families.


Family is an important part of the Hawaiian culture, which makes Hawaii a welcoming destination for family holidays. Hawaii also offers plenty of fun activities for adults and kids, from snorkelling and swimming to whale watching, hiking, and more! Best of all, the Hawaiian Islands have plenty of family-friendly luxury resorts, well-suited to families seeking luxury travel experiences.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge in planning a family trip to Hawaii is deciding where to go, given the many beautiful islands. It all depends on your preferences. Oahu and Maui are the most visited islands in Hawaii, so you can expect these islands to be crowded with tourists, especially during the peak season. Both islands are home to family-friendly beaches that offer fun activities to entertain kids of all ages. You will also find plenty of family-friendly resorts on these islands, with some resorts offering top-notch services catered to high-end travellers. 

If you hate the crowds and would prefer somewhere quieter, head to Kauai. Also called “The Garden Isle”, Kauai has a more laid-back appeal than the other islands. Some areas on the island are very remote that the only way to get there is on a helicopter or boat tour. Active families will also love Kauai since it has plenty of hiking trails that will take you to the remote parts of the island.

The Caribbean 

While the romantic islands of the Caribbean are popular with honeymooners, some destinations in the region are also ideal for a family vacation. Each island has unique qualities, so looking for the best island to visit depends on your family’s needs. If you’re travelling with little kids, consider safety, comfort, and convenience your top priority. Thus, staying in luxury Caribbean villas is highly recommended. 

But before you search for the best villa to book, you must first decide where to go in the Caribbean. Jamaica is a great island to take your family. It has jaw-dropping beaches, laidback culture, and family-friendly resorts. The island’s easy-going atmosphere is ideal for young families, with plenty of opportunities to take up adventure sports, from ziplining to white-water rafting and boogie boarding.

St Lucia is another Caribbean Island that offers relaxing holidays for families. Home to lush rainforests, towering mountains, and incredible beaches, the island’s natural beauty will take your breath away! Take your little ones to Sugar Beach and let them play on its beautiful crystal-like sand or snorkel at Anse Chastanet beach.


Barbados is a safe and child-friendly island. It has decent tourism infrastructures, which makes it easier to roam around even with little kids in tow. Aside from its beautiful beaches, Barbados is also home to many wildlife parks and historical sites that are a joy to explore. The island is also home to world-class resorts, although staying at luxury villas would be more suitable if you want to enjoy some privacy.

Your family holiday to Barbados will never be boring since there are plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained. Swim with turtles as they feed amongst corals or go on a snorkelling tour to marvel at the beautiful marine life. The Folkestone Marine Park & Museum is one of the best places to snorkel in Barbados. It has an artificial reef formed after the sinking of the Stavronikita ship. 

Head to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, a beautiful zoo in the middle of a mahogany forest. Here, your little ones will have fun strolling through the natural environment while observing animals in their natural habitat.

The Maldives 

The Maldives might be famous for its romantic setting and for being a popular destination for honeymoons and weddings, but it also offers an abundance of child-friendly activities to keep your little ones busy for days. Also, some islands in the Maldives have shallow beaches and soft sands that are safe for kids.

Take your kids on a cruise for whale watching or dolphin watching. Ride in a miniature submarine to discover the underwater world or enjoy outdoor cinema and beachside dining. Some resorts also come with kiddie pools and kids’ clubs where you can leave your kids to play while you relax at the beach. There are also numerous water sports, such as snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing, and more! Taking up these water sports with your kids can make for a fun bonding experience. 

To guarantee a stress-free and relaxing family holiday in the Maldives, book Destinology’s luxury Maldives holidays. These holiday packages cater to families with kids and include accommodation, activities, and more!


Mauritius is a tropical island home to white sandy beaches and some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. This tiny nation sits on the Indian Ocean, offering stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences that your kids will love. 

Mauritius has 160 km of coastline, home to white sandy beaches with turquoise tropical waters. Aside from swimming, you can also go snorkelling or go on boat trips where you’ll see pods of dolphins playing. There are numerous beaches to choose from, including those that have calm and shallow waters, where young kids can safely swim and play. Aside from the glorious beaches, there are also beautiful lagoons and stunning reefs to explore.

Away from the water, you’ll find many cultural offerings to discover in Mauritius. Colonised by many different nations, the island has a rich and diverse culture. First discovered by Arabs, it was later on colonised by the French and Dutch. Given all these influences, you can imagine how incredible the food must be!