Top Tips for Decluttering Your Home

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Decluttering can feel overwhelming, especially when faced with mountains of stuff. But fear not, it IS possible! Here are some effective strategies to tackle clutter quickly and create a more organised, stress-free space. My number one tip is to WRITE A CHECKLIST!  Separate it into rooms, and jot down each of the areas you want to tackle – the satisfaction of ticking those boxes off is immense…

Declutter in Bite-Sized Chunks

Instead of attempting a full Marie Kondo overhaul (I tried and failed at this), dedicate a few hours each week or tackle one room at a time. Additionally, incorporate a daily “full hands in, full hands out” approach. 

For example, bring laundry downstairs while taking an unwanted sweater upstairs. This keeps clutter in check and minimises future decluttering sessions.

Deal with Donations and Sales Later

Don’t get bogged down by sorting during the decluttering process. Designate a box for potential donations or sales, and deal with them once the box is full. If you’re keen to get everything listed on Vinted or eBay – great! Just don’t do it in the middle of tidying everything else. 

Embrace the Bin Bag Sweep

Grab a bin bag and mercilessly toss anything broken, expired, or unused. This includes old towels, toiletries and things that you just don’t use anymore (old USC cables I am looking at you!) Consider donating items that are still in good condition to charity shops or local communities, the Olio App or local ‘free and reuse’ groups are great for this.

Focus on Big Items

Don’t underestimate the impact of bulky furniture. If a rarely used armchair dominates your living room, consider removing it for a more spacious feel.

Prioritise High-Traffic Areas

Declutter living rooms, kitchens, and hallways first. These areas have a significant impact on your daily experience.

Create a System for Staying Organised

As you declutter, designate homes for everything. Hooks for keys, filing systems for paperwork, and designated storage for similar items all prevent future clutter build-up.

Implement the “One-In, One-Out” Rule

Maintain a balance by getting rid of an old item whenever you bring something new into your home. This applies to clothes, utensils, books – practically anything! This is a great way to keep toy clutter down too, my kids have a mental list in their heads of what they will ‘let go’ when I tell them they need to make space for something new.

Utilise Extra Storage Space

If you simply have too much stuff, consider self storage solutions. This provides a secure location for out-of-season clothes, paperwork, or keepsakes you want to hold onto. This came into its own with us during our last house move, it meant that we could pack up ‘seasonal’ stuff like camping and snowboarding gear and anything new for the house and keep it out of the way during the house move, then it all got moved back to the house once our normal furniture and belongings had been unpacked. 

Remember, decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint. By implementing these strategies, you can gradually reclaim your space and create a more peaceful, organised home.

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