Toys ideas for baby’s first Christmas

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So, I’ve started to think about Christmas, and seem to be one of the last! I know a few people who have done all their gift buying already! I’m just starting to think about ideas, nowhere near actually purchasing anything! This will be Arlo’s first christmas so he won’t really know what’s happening. Christmases in our family are quite low key affairs anyway, but I do want to get him one or two new toys, things that are his from the start and not hand me downs from his sister! Of course all her old toys suddenly become favourites again as soon as we get them out for Arlo, even though she’s not played with them or shown them any interest in over a year!

The selection above shows the sort of thing I’m thinking of getting him, educational but fun! I love wooden toys anyway and am always on the lookout for them, so the Melissa and Doug shape sorter was sure to be included! He also loves those little eggs at a few playgroups that we go to, so I might get him some of his own!

We already have a couple of lovely patchwork quilts but this one is a little smaller and would be good for taking to friends houses etc for a ready to go play space!

Everything above is from a vast selection of toys available at House of Fraser, they sell a lots of Hamleys toys, as well as favourites like Fisher Price, Little Tikes & Lego.

This is a partnered post, all words and opinions my own.

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