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I think that now, more than ever most of us are suffering from wanderlust in one form or another. We’ve not been travelling as much as usual, and can’t even book a last minute getaway because who knows which countries will be available to travel to under current regulations. However everything is looking like next year will be all good for travel and we can start to plan out trips again. The Ambassador Cruise Line, newly launching in the UK, mainly caters for adult only cruises, but they do have a selection of ‘multi generational’ cruises where children are welcome. So after a browse on the website to view the cruises available in 2022 and have picked two that I’d love to experience.

Something we’ve not done as a family, or even a couple actually, is a cruise holiday.  I think by next year when the children are seven and eight they’ll be old enough to appreciate all the new places and sights, and be able to cope with time on and off the ship on excursions.  But I would also love to do a cruise with just Sam, as by the time next year rolls around it will have been a LONG time since we’ve had any time away together. A cruise would also mean we wouldn’t have to work out where to have dinner,  or how to entertain ourselves as with a sight seeing itinerary and amazing meals and drinks available on board we can just enjoy ourselves.

Baltic Treasures & St Petersburg is a 2 week cruise on the Ambience, leaving from London. A child-friendly cruise with an end destination of St Petersburg, you’d spend five days at sea dotted throughout the trip, with the chance to explore Stockholm and Visby in Sweden, Copenhagen,  Skagen and Ronne in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland. I’ve not been to any of these cities at all and even the travel days would be an experience with everything there is to do on board the Ambience.


The Canada, Iceland and Greenland on a 34 day cruise, sounds absolutely amazing to me.  This is the description of what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime…

“Say goodbye to everyday life for more than a month as you embark on an amazing voyage of discovery to the far-flung north. With stops en route in the charming archipelago of Faroe, plus the world’s largest island of Greenland, we will take you to the beautiful east coast of Canada, where seabirds wheel and glide in bright blue skies. Here you’ll explore the stunning unspoilt landscapes of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec before returning via Iceland’s colourful and cosmopolitan capital of Reykjavik”

With the many days at sea the entertainment on board would come into its own, with shops, a casino, coffee shop, card room, craft studio, photo gallery and more to be found in the centre court spanning three decks. There is also an observatory which doubles as a nightclub and The Palladium for live shows and special guests. With all food on board included in the ticket price there is plenty of choice and no chance of going hungry! On deck there are hot tubs, pools and screens for outdoor screenings of movies and sports events.

Is cruising something you’d enjoy? Take a look at the destinations covered by the Ambassador Cruise line, departing from London, UK.



 Cruise maps & image provided from the website.

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