Wanderlust: Reasons to add Slovenia to your Bucket List

Is there anything better than travelling to a new location and enjoying the local culture and wonderful weather during the warmer months? Now that COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted fully, Brits will be looking for their next summer getaway but where that is, remains to be seen. 

There are incredible locations all over the globe. Visit Bali in Asia, Canada in North America or visit the wonderful Kenya in Africa. These are all unbelievable options but we’re here today to tell you exactly why Slovenia should be the next place you visit to tick off your bucket list. 

Slovenia is a European getaway like no other and is a little bit more interesting than doing the classic British thing of travelling to one of the many Spanish Islands. Read on to find out why Slovenia is so incredible. 

Where is Slovenia? 

Slovenia is located in Eastern Europe between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia which makes getting there straightforward. Via plane, you can expect it to take around 2 hours and 11 minutes from London which means you’ll have enough time to watch a movie on your way over.  

What can I do there? 

The reason Slovenia is so amazing to visit is because of the many incredible places to visit and things to do. Some of the most famous include: 

  • Lake Beld – This romantic destination is the ideal place for couples to visit. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings as the two of you row across a very blue lake to reach a small island. 
  • Piran – This resort city in the southwestern part of Slovenia makes for the perfect holiday destination. Visit the rich history located here and try all of the delicious local cuisines as you look out into the Lucius sea. 
  • Soča River – For those seeking an adventure holiday, Slovenia has plenty to offer with kayaking on the Soča River being one of the most popular tourist activities.

Which airports fly direct to Slovenia? 

You may be wondering if you can fly to Slovenia from your local airport and unfortunately for many that is not possible. You can however fly to Slovenia from the Capital with London Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton all flying there direct. Fly from one of these great airports and you may be able to extend your holiday to explore some of London too. 

As you can see Slovenia appears to be a new tourist hotspot that should be included on everyone’s bucket list. The beautiful scenery, action-packed activities and delicious cuisine makes this place a must-visit. Book your tickets today and start to get excited about your next getaway. 

This is a collaborative post. Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash

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