What the children read: When I grow up & Crayons

childrens books
Books have become and even bigger part of our lives now that Arlo is more interested in them. Athena will sometimes go and show him the pictures in a book, or point things out to him when I am reading with them both. I’ll be honest and say that I reckon he is actually more interested in turning the pages pretty roughly but hey, at least he’s interested! He always pays a lot more attention too when Sam is reading with them, I guess he’s fed up with hearing my voice all day long! Here are a couple of current favourites…

childrens books

When I Grow Up (Who’s That?) Tad Carpenter £5.99

A lovely board book detailing a few different jobs. The first leaf of each spread details some specifics, ‘wears a special suit, drives a red truck’ and then the flaps fold out or down to reveal the job holder (firefighter, in case you didn’t guess!)

childrens books

I love that it shows a female police officer and doctor too, I’m all for equality in the work place and hopefully by the time my kids are old enough to work it won’t even be an issue! The illustrations are bold and bright and this is one of our current ‘changing bag’ books as it keeps Athena happy for a lot longer when we’re out and about!

childrens books

The Day The Crayons Quit Oliver Jeffers £3.99

This is a really fun book though it is quite long for Athena’s minuscule attention span! Duncan’s crayons have upped and left and each colour has written him a note saying why they’ve gone! Its a great book for teaching and learning colours and great for the imagination too! ‘Dear Duncan, I am tired of being called ‘light brown’ or ‘dark tan’ because I am neither. I am BEIGE and I am proud’. It cracks me up every time we read it!


When I Grow up was provided to us as a review sample, and the other book was a Christmas gift. all opinions are my own.

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  1. There is a sequel to the Day The Crayons Quit now and it’s brilliant! I work in a library and I force both into every story time opportunity possible.

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