When we hear of upholstery, the first thing that goes through our mind is repairing an old furniture to make it look new. Makeshifting our boring chairs and patching covers on it with our desired covers makes it more unique and personalised. In reupholstering sofas, one of the essential things to consider is the fabric. The fabric serves as an exterior to your cushions so it would not be tampered easily and will not look saggy due to everyday use.

Choosing the right upholstery fabric for your furniture can somehow be overwhelming. With the different fabric designs, varieties, and colours sold in the market today, perhaps you will need a little help. So we’ve come up with the basics for you to be able to decide what to check in buying upholstery fabrics for your sofa needs. 

For starters, you must always buy the right fabric for your chairs. Not all fabrics are the same; some can be used for drapes only and not for upholstery. Thus, always choose the right and most appropriate fabric for your furniture. The perfect fabrics are those that are thick and woven together tightly to withstand everyday use. Thick fabrics can be resistant to shrinkage, making your couch more long lasting. 

Second thing to remember is to purchase your fabrics at trusted fabric shops. Of course, because of the high demand in upholstery fabrics nowadays, manufacturers tend to produce more each day without even thinking about the quality of the fabrics they sell. In contrast, fabric mills like the Upholstery Fabric Shop in Yorkshire assure you that the fabrics are of premium quality. They always test their fabrics so the customers will know that their fabrics are durable and not easily torn. They even offer free samples for you to be at ease when buying your upholstery fabrics. 

Moreover, make sure to pick the best colour and design for your furniture. You can always go for the design you like; however, not all colours are applicable for your home. For those who have kids, buy materials that are dark in colour as most likely your couch will have stains; you can’t prevent when your kids will get dirty and touch your couch (it will not be pretty, trust us). Yet, homeowners with kids can also try patterned upholstery fabric. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop also offers fabrics with patches and various designs so it can also hide small stains brought by kids. Consequently, it’s safe to use light colours when you’re living alone. Just always make sure that your fabrics are strong and made with quality materials.

So much for upholstery fabric 101. Yet, these reminders should never be forgotten so you can finally say you fabrics are indeed bought at the right price. If you’re still new at purchasing upholstery fabrics, we can assure that the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the right place to be. They have the biggest array of fabrics that goes beyond our expectation. However, if still not satisfied, they also cater special request of clients at a very affordable price. 

Maybe this is the right time to shop at the right fabric mill. Visit the Yorkshire Fabric Shop and get premium fabrics anytime!

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