What to Pack for a Couple’s Spa Weekend

A weekend trip to a spa is the ideal way for you and your loved one to decompress, but it is vital that you remember to pack everything you need for a stress-free break. The spa will usually provide towels, a robe, and slip-on footwear, but here’s what else you need to take for a happy and relaxing weekend.


Whether you prefer shorts or jogging bottoms, cotton t-shirts, or oversized hoodies, loungewear is a must for any spa weekend. No one wants to be wearing tight clothes after a massage! Make sure you and your partner have loose-fitting loungewear packed for wearing at mealtimes and when you are chilling out in your room at the end of the day. Take something comfortable to sleep in, too – doing nothing can be tiring!


Whether you plan to spend your time detoxing in the sauna, luxuriating in the hot tub, or swimming in the pool, you will need swimwear to make the most of your weekend. Investing in a new stylish costume or bikini for yourself and mens designer swim trunks for your partner will ensure you feel at your best. Both of you deserve a treat and with simple bikinis in one block colour a classic, and designer swimming trunks for males with a tailored fit, you will have a timeless look and be ready to make the most of your spa facilities.

Other Clothing

Don’t forget clean socks and underwear, at least as many sets as the days you will be staying for. If you are planning to use a hotel’s restaurant facilities, you may also want to pack smart clothing and shoes.


Don’t forget to pack any prescription medication you need for your time away. It is also worthwhile putting together a basic first aid kit of paracetamol, plasters, and other everyday essentials that could come in handy, although most spa hotels have a reception area where staff will be happy to help you should you find there is anything you’ve forgotten.


Most spas will provide you with their own shower gels and shampoos but if you prefer a specific brand due to sensitivities, lifestyle, or personal choice, it is worth taking your own. You will want to be makeup-free so your pores can clear during your time at the spa, but you might want to take cosmetics to wear when you’re heading home. Take a deodorant each so you can hold on to that fresh feeling and don’t forget your toothbrush (and toothpaste)!

A Good Book

There’s nothing like relaxing with a book that has you gripped and reclining on a lounger at a spa is the ideal opportunity to get swept away into an imaginary world. An easy read is perfect for completing the escapist sensation you have been looking for from your spa weekend so take a good book each and enjoy reading in peace.

As well as these, be sure to pick up your usual essentials such as a purse/wallet, phone and charger, glasses/contact lenses, and keys. Sometimes it’s these everyday items that get left behind and can spoil what should be a blissful couple’s escape.

Collaborative post. Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

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